‘High’ dropout rate among ST children in J&K; expedite community-based survey: PAB

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Over 27,000 drop-out children in UT; Kishtwar has ‘very high’ drop-out rate of ST students

Jammu: The Project Approval Board (PAB) for the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir under Samagra Shiksha Scheme has expressed concern over high drop rate among the Scheduled Tribe (ST) children and asked the UT administration to expedite community-based survey identifying issues for such drop-out rate.
During a meeting of the Board held recently through video-conferencing, Jammu and Kashmir government revealed that the drop-out rate among ST children at secondary level was as high as 11.77 percent in Kishtwar district while it was 7.35 percent at primary level in the district.
In Rajouri district, the drop-out rate among ST children was 5.34 percent at upper primary level while it was 1.80 percent in Shopian district. Ramban district too has high drop rate of 4.40 percent among ST children at secondary level.
According to the PAB, the annual average dropout rate at the secondary level in the year 2020-21 was 3 percent. “However, it is important to note that the dropout rate among ST children is still very high. It is also important to mention that the dropout rate in certain districts is very high in the district of Kishtwar (8.27) at primary level, district with high drop-out rate at upper primary level are Rajouri (6.52), Shopian (5.96). Similarly, the district of Ramban had a 27.28 percent drop rate at secondary level while it was 12.10 percent in Kishtwar district,” the PAB noted.
Responding to the concerns of PAB, the UT administration, in its action taken report, claimed that regular monitoring and better facilities to the students of the various classes, besides introduction of various interventions, has helped in reduction of the drop-out rate.
“Moreover, providing education at the Behaks (Dhoks) i.e. Seasonal centres during the period of the migration of ST Children with their parents has also helped in reduction of drop-out rate of ST students. A total of 1873 Seasonal Centres are functioning in the UT of J&K, with enrolment of more than 36,000 children,” the government said.
The minutes of the Board meeting revealed that Jammu and Kashmir has uploaded details of 27,496 children on PRABANDH Portal, who were drop out and willing to continue their education through Open Schooling System with financial assistance.
“The UT administration has assured that the State Open Schooling (SOS) is functional in J&K and it has the capacity to provide education to the identified Drop Out children. The UT shall ensure that all the Drop Out children in the age group of 16 to 19 are registered with the State Open Schooling System,” the minutes stated.
The UT government further assured that it would bear the additional funds at the rate of Rs. 2000 per child per annum to be incurred on the activity as the approved unit cost for covering Drop Out children through Open Schooling is Rs. 2000 per child per annum as per the norms of Samagra Shiksha.

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