Terrorism: Azad for security deployment in Rajouri-Poonch

TNN Bureau. Updated: 5/26/2023 2:23:54 AM Front Page

Rajouri: Democratic Progressive Azad Party chief Ghulam Nabi Azad on Thursday called for permanent deployment of security forces in the terror-hit Rajouri-Poonch border area and strengthening of the intelligence network and village defence committees in the region.
Azad said he will take up the issue with the Defence Minister and Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant governor.
Seven people were killed and 14 injured in a terror attack in Dhangri village in Rajouri on January 1. Five people, including two brothers, were killed when terrorists opened fire at house. The very next day two more children were killed when an IED left behind by the attackers went off.
"It is a matter of concern that the incidents are taking place in Rajouri district as the majority of other areas are peaceful. There is fear and terror here", Azad told a reporters here.
"There is a need to strengthen VDCs. There is a need for the security forces, which should be permanent here in this entire region. It has ridges and valley. It is a border area. There is a need for strengthening intelligence - both local and army, police intelligence too, so that such incidents are not repeated," Azad said.
Azad, who was approached by locals with demands of gun licences and security increase, said it was unfortunate that the area was struck by terror every month.
"I have told people I will take up the matter with the defence minister. There should be a strong security network here so that no one comes from outside and escapes after engineering an attack," he said.

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