Garlic cultivation proves boon for growers in Kulgam

TNN Bureau. Updated: 4/17/2023 1:07:24 PM Business and Economy

Garlic cultivation in Kulgam, a region in south Kashmir, has proven to be a boon for local farmers due to the high quality of the product and its ability to thrive in the region's cold and high-altitude climate. The government of India's One District One Product (ODOP) initiative for Kulgam has chosen pickles and spices as a category, with the garlic revolution leading the way.

Local growers attest to the high quality of garlic produced in Kulgam and continually seek promising seeds with assistance from the Agricultural Department. They emphasize the need for pesticides, cow manure, and human labor in garlic cultivation, which not only sustains their livelihoods but also helps boost the district's economy.

The golden clove produced in Kulgam has been selected as part of the ODOP initiative for its golden brown husk, bulbous form, and lack of acidity compared to other varieties. The initiative aims to promote balanced regional development by selecting, branding, and promoting one product from each district of the country.

According to an official from the Agricultural Department, garlic has multiple uses, including fresh garlic, dry garlic, garlic paste, and pickles. Garlic produced in Kashmir, particularly in Kulgam, has natural chemicals of high quality that are unmatched by any other variety in the world.

Chief Agricultural Officer Sartaj Ahmad Shah confirms that Kulgam produces one of the best quality garlic in the country, with 164 hectares of land under cultivation yielding 1804 metric tons of dry garlic every season. Garlic production generates revenue of 7.22 crore rupees for Kulgam.

Entrepreneur and farmer Dr. Aejaz Malla emphasizes the longer shelf life of Kulgam's garlic and the potential for increased production if farmers receive proper counseling and training in growing and processing.

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