SMC Mayor levels allegation of bribe against Deputy Mayor, seeks action

Wajahat Shabir. Updated: 11/25/2022 10:48:15 AM Front Page

SRINAGAR: Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) Mayor Junaid Azim Mattu has leveled serious allegations against the incumbent Deputy Mayor of bribes.
The Mayor further alleged that there is a secret alliance going on between National Conference and Bharatiya Janata Party for destablizing the Srinagar Municipal Corporation.
Addressing a press conference in Srinagar, Junaid Mattu said, “We have fought against political parties that are run by families. We have been told that we have to end the monopoly of family politics in Kashmir”.
“But, it is unfortunate that national political parties get misled by regional political parties. “Should the idea of India and democracy be tarnished and blackmailed because of people who are out in the open to resort to malpractices,” Mayor said.
What kind of connection is there between Jammu and Kashmir National Conference and Bharatiya Janata Party. If there is an alliance between the two, then they should do it openly. People’s Democratic Party and People’s Conference openly alliance with BJP, why is the NC having an alliance through a closed door, Junaid said.
If someone is thinking of destabilizing the SMC and even that BJP and NC go for the alliance, then let it be done openly. I guarantee I will deal with it, Junaid said. Adding that he said, “I along with Sheikh Imran have proof that that will expose NC leaders and 3 to 4 among them won’t even contest elections.”
We have done exercise in last 5 months and have enough proof against the National Conference, their leaders and sons and they know it, he said.
The NC should get over it that I or Sheikh Imran will be blackmailed. In every six months, someone would come and say will a signature. We have the support of 62 corporators while our opponents come in public just to blackmail them, Mayor SMC said.
There were allegations were made that most of the work was done in a particular area. We initiated the process of macadamization with Rs 120 Cr, out of which work was done on Rs 40 Cr. If we managed to get that much work done then the reality is that the entire city cannot be covered in one year rest will be covered next year, Junaid said.
“Moreover, do I as a Mayor have to work in Habba Kadal and Khanyar only? Do we have to keep development in Srinagar specific to a few areas only? Also, there were allegations of macadamizing green belt areas. Don’t those areas deserve roads”, Mayor said.
Three to four months back, one of the corporators brought two guys to me and we came to know that they have transferred Rs 3 Lakh into the account of the incumbent Deputy Mayor SMC. I brought the SMC Commissioner, called SSP and a magistrate was brought and the statement was recorded, Junaid alleged.
SHO Shaheed Gunj carried out an inquiry and submitted the report to the government saying the Rs 3 Lakh bribe was transferred into the account and forwarded to the prosecution of the action. Ironically, no action has taken place in the last one and a half months, he said.
In the salary account of the National Conference, the bribe of Rs 1.05 cr was found, Mayor SMC alleged.
The same ecosystem is irritating me, who has been saying the change will be brought in Jammu and Kashmir. Are they going to bring changes through National Conference then we will set aside from politics. Let them bring those incompetent leaders and sons of National Conference and we will leave politics, Junaid said.

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