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Geographical indication (GI) tag is on its way for Gucchi mushrooms and saffron of Kishtwar which will undoubtedly benefit farmers and promote economic prosperity to locals. Gucchi is among the world's costliest food items that grows wild and is collected manually.Through Great Mission Group Consultancy, Pune, the J&K administration has submitted an application for its GI registration with the Registrar of GI Registry, Chennai. The application was facilitated by the Director of Agriculture Jammu.GI tag will prevent unauthorized use of a registered geographical indication by others and provide legal protection to Doda Gucchi mushroom, which in turn will boost export. The annual production of this variant of Gucchi mushroom is over 45 tonnes in J&K. A GI tag for the Gucchi anytime as 99% of the process for getting the tag has been completed. The tag would would have received by now but it has been delayed due the COVID the process got delayed. Now the final hearing may be held anytime paving the way for GI tag for Gucchi. The GI recognition could help local farmers get higher prices for their efforts..
Doda Gucchi is one of the most popular, flavourful, medicinal, beneficial mushroom species found in the forest areas of J&K. It is priced at anything between Rs 30,000 to 50,000 for a kilogram. Scientifically named morchella esculenta, it is prized for its spongy, honeycomb texture and unique flavour.
Moreover, the GI tag applications for six products of Jammu region including two by agriculture department and remaining have been filed by NABARD. The products included Kishtwar Kesar, Rajma, Kalari, Anardana have already been submitted, and the proposals are at various stages of approval”. It takes around six to a couple of years to get a GI tag for any product.
GI tag is given on the basis of concept paper of the particular product, cultural heritage, history, geographical indication. After filling the application for the registration, objections are filed to contest the claim for certification, which we clear from time to time. GoI had already issued a certificate of GI registration for saffron grown in Kashmir Valley in 2020.
The application submitted for its GI registration for a variant of saffron from Kishtwar with the Registrar of GI Registry, Chennai. In this regard a concept paper was submitted and GI tag for saffron of Kishtwar soon.
Doda Valley is famous for the cultivation of crops like Rajma beans, Gucchi mushrooms, and lavender plants. The climate of the valley is very much suitable for the growth of these crops. The mushrooms are collected every year in the month of March after the snow melts.

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