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TNN Bureau. Updated: 3/25/2022 10:57:43 AM Edit and Opinion

The administration has enjoined Deputy Commissioner's (DC's) in Jammu and Kashmir to ensure that Patwari without any accommodation is provided with office accommodation in any vacant government building, school or in a Panchayat Ghar.

The directions have been passed to make ensure that there is a smooth delivery process related to land records.

Reports said that several Patwari is working without accommodation, which has caused hindrance in the completion of government work.

Further, the action task report has been asked by the administration to be providing a set of details. A circular in this regard has been issued by Vivek Kumar Bidhuri, Commissioner Secretary to the Government, Revenue Department.

Pursuant to the direction of the worthy Chief Secretary for ensuring the convenience of delivery of services to the citizens, and access to the smooth delivery of processes related to a land record, it is hereby enjoined upon all the Deputy Commissioners to ensure that the Patwaris without any office accommodation are provided with an office accommodation, preferably in any vacant Government building, school, office or in a Panchayat Ghar.

These office locations of the concerned Patwaris of the PatwarHalqa will be notified by the Deputy Commissioner concerned and publicized in print, electronic and social media for the information of all.The office of a Patwari (existing as well as newly established) with the availability of basic furniture and fixture and prominent signboard of the office with the name and mobile number of the Patwari clearly painted in English, Hindi and Urdu, must be got established and made functional by or before 31.03.2022.As per the circular, the action taken report will provide the details to the Administrative Department in the format which includes the district, tehsil, patwari halqa, whether functioning in Patwar Khanna or any other location details thereof, a present location where the office of the patwari has now been established with details and name of patwari with mobile number.

Further, the DCs have been asked to furnish the consolidated information of their districts to the administrative department through e-office through the mail and in hard as well as in excel form by 28th March 2022.

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