AIKS urges centre to take concrete steps to provide security to minorities in Kashmir

TNN Bureau. Updated: 10/25/2021 10:58:21 AM Regional News

New Delhi: All India Kashmiri Samaj (AIKS) urged the central government to take concrete steps to ensure the safety and security of Kashmiri Pandits and other minorities residing in Kashmir.
The demands were raised during an in-house meeting in the backdrop of a series of targeted killings of minorities including Kashmiri Pandits in the Valley.
During the initial remarks, AIKS president Ramesh Raina accused the local terrorist organization TRF of the recent killings.
“These targeted killings are to spread fear among the masses and Islamisation of Kashmir,” he alleged.
“Pro-Pakistan constituency is still thriving in the Valley,” he said.
He said, “In 1990 it was started with killings of minority Kashmir Pandits but now it has spread to all those who don't bear Islamic faith in the valley. In the last one month, 11 civilians were killed by the terrorists in the Kashmir, including Kashmiri pandits."
Lt Gen(Retd) Syed Ata Hasnain said in 1990 the incident happened because India was weak but now the government is very strong, "we need to understand the motive behind these killings" he felt.
He said these killings were carried out by our adversaries to destabilize Kashmir.
“Unless the majority takes the ownership of security of minorities, things are not going to be resolved,” he added.
BJP leader Aman Sinha, who was part of the discussion, said “Through these killings, they are trying to kill the “spirit of Kashmir” but these people will not succeed in their sinister designs."
“Kashmir issue is one of the topmost agenda of the Modi government and the visit of Home Minister Amit Shah is itself sending the message,” he said.
“Since the Modi government came into power the rate of fatality has been reduced significantly in the J&k but the present killings are exceptional and Indian security forces are extremely formidable to take on such challenges,” he said.
On the issues of rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits, Senior Advocate of Supreme Court Ashok Bhan said, "it’s a campaign against us, so that we do not go back to the valley, but it’s our right to go to our motherland to settle their. We shall go back to our roots,” he added.
He highlighted the predicament of Kashmiri Hindus and appealed to GOI for support
“We are among the unfortunate lot who suffered in this age of enlightenment and modernity and this is the greatest irony that we are facing. Government of India and the local administration must take the concrete steps to secure the safety and security of minorities in the valley,” he added.

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