25 Tribal families, livestock rescued from woods in Kashmir

TNN Bureau. Updated: 10/25/2021 10:54:38 AM Regional News

Srinagar: The administration in Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday rescued more 25 tribal families along with livestock to safer locations at Namlan Sangerwani woods in south Kashmir district of Pulwama.

An official spokesman said, on receiving information that 25 tribal families along with 2000 livestock are stuck in the forest area of Namlan Sangerwani in Pulwama district following heavy rain and snowfall , took swift action and sent a team of officers there and rescued them and shifted to safer places.

He said the team, joined by locals, police and slauthes from SDRF reached the spot amid strenuous efforts to rescue the Nomads and their livestock were shifted to a safer place.

They were provided Dhoks and kothars at Sangerwani besides provided firewood and first aid, the spokesman said and added food kits, tarpaulin sheets, warm socks, clothes and fodder including rice bran, wheat bran, and dry grass for livestock.

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