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15 Things to Try during Lockdown

Well, it is second Sunday of the month of May and to those of you who still have no clue what that means- It is Mother’s day. Yes, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. I’d say it is not unusual for one to not know if you haven’t come across any advertisement trying to commercialise off the day, yet. I mean even our Mother’s aren’t much familiar with Mother’s Day. Well, that can work on our advantage today if we have to make it a special day for the special lady. Here are a few things that one can try without going out due to the lockdown. Have a look.

1. Get the Dad on your side

This is for many reasons but three are more obvious than others- One, he wouldn’t feel left out while you pull off the gestures mentioned below or anything in general for your mother; he would automatically on the giving end instead of receiving end. Two, you might get a little help in making the arrangement or even plan a surprise. Three, moms might appreciate that. But don’t forget that Father’s day is on 3rd Sunday of June i.e 21 June this year.

2. Make (her) the breakfast

It is the most obvious and simple and yet immensely thoughtful gesture. A great start to the day would lift her mood up for the entire day. You can start with the bed tea or coffee (whatever she prefers) and hand her over a menu that she can pick from for her breakfast. While you are at it, please cook for others as well and spare her from the hassle for a day. That’s two gestures in one.

3. Deep Clean the house

If you haven’t done that already during the lockdown, time to put on some gloves, mask and cap and start dusting, clearing webs, sweeping and moping. Don’t forget the toilets and bathrooms. You have no idea what a relief it’d be for her. It would be a bonus if she joins in and you can brush up some team spirit but don’t expect her to.

4. Just Talk

In these fast times (not so much now) we have somehow lost the communication. How long has it been since you had a heart to heart conversation with your mother? As we grow up we often forget that. Well, lockdown and mother’s day- a great time to start chatting with your mom. You can pick up from any funny memory you share together. Now, I would recommend doing that while you are doing what’s mentioned next.

5. Set up a Home Salon/ Spa

This one is my favourite because not only my mother enjoys it, I enjoy it as well. Many moms don’t go to salons and spas; even if they do, they can’t do that in these times. So, I like to go all out with pedicure, manicure, facial and massage. Like mentioned above, it could either be coupled with a conversation or if she’d like to relax a piece of soothing music in the background. Make it look professional, offer a drink.

6. Revisit Old Times

The older one gets the more memories they have and lesser time to talk about that. Opening up an old album, going through video archives or just randomly talking about it can open one up to a deep, meaningful conversation and help you bond at an even deeper level.

7. Compile a Video

This one applies especially if you aren’t around. Now video can be compiled using both clips and stills with good music in the background. While we are emphasising on revisiting the good old times, the idea is to convey to the mother how much you truly appreciate those moments spent with her and how much you cherish her.

8. Arrange Video Call Conference

If you aren’t around, arranging for a special video call with some flowers or candles and a note that you can read out to her would make it special. If you are around, there’s a chance one of your sibling(s) isn’t so, might as well do it for them. It’s amazing what technology can do these days.

9. Call up the RJ

It is Mother’s day and there are chances that the local radio or Tv channels are celebrating it. There is also a chance that they are playing songs on demand, reading out your messages or even taking up the calls, how about you utilise this opportunity and dedicate a song to her along with a sweet message.

10. Sip on her go-to beverage

Beauty lies in the simplest of things. As simple as making your mother’s go-to beverage and enjoy sipping on it with her. A warm drink makes relationships warmer. Couple it with some home-baked cookies if she’d like that.

11. Bake a Cake

Nothing says it is time to celebrate better than a cake. So if you are celebrating, might as well bake a cake. It would be a treat more because one can’t grab one from a bakery; it would literally have to be baked with love; your love. So start beating the batter; start whipping.

12. Do something She enjoys

Ask her if you don’t know already and it need not be on this day only; you can plan it for some other day as well. And if she cannot figure it out you can have some suggestions up your sleeve, say, baking, cooking, yoga, walk (on the terrace) gardening, watching TV or Movie, redecorate any room or the entire house, try soap or candle making or some other DIY. I especially love painting old coffee mugs and planting small succulents in them because my mom loves indoor plants and she’d usually bring other stuff that we can recycle and reuse with some art and craft activities.

13. Cook her favourite meal

Who doesn’t love a decent meal, especially if someone cooked something that is your favourite? Not only the fact that you love the food but the gesture that someone took care of your likings, is quite extraordinary. Set up the dining table- use candles, flowers and whatever you can come up with without going out. And a bonus would be if you could pull off a dine-out setup and act as host, chef and manager all in one.

14. Movie Night

Although one can do it at any hour of the day but what better way to end the day by snuggling up in bed or couch together to watch a movie? Have some popcorn, some drink and put on her favourite genre of movies or better her favourite movies; might as well make it a relay, if not a marathon.

15. Write a Note

A good note can bring up an instant genuine smile on someone’s face. It is a reminder that they are precious and cherished by those they love. A heartfelt note has a long-lasting impression, even for life, on the heart of the receiver so, pen down your feelings for your mom. Refrain searching on Google clichéd lines and write down something you genuinely feel. You can give it to her with the bed tea, meal, cake, before bed or at any appropriate time. And who said you have to write just one. You can even paint.

So, that was the ’15 things to try during Lockdown’ that you can do to make your mom feel special today. I feel some of us do these things randomly on other days of the year and if you don’t, you should. Personally, I go about the day only doing the sweet gestures I can think of, without saying “Happy Mother’s Day” because it isn’t because of the day but because of Love that I’d do that. Even though it is great to celebrate Moms, just a day wouldn’t suffice. That being said, I wouldn’t want my mother to miss out while mothers around the world are being pampered. Another thing I avoid is posting a picture of her or with her, with a long caption which she most likely wouldn’t read because she isn’t on social media. I find it more absurd if that is the only time one posts a picture with their mothers. So, this mother’s day if you are with her during the lockdown make it count and not just show off online.

Tell us what you did and how was your day. Share with us the experience by dropping a mail, along with few pictures at [email protected] Remember you can make her feel special on any day of the year. Have a great Mother’s Day.

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