PM Modi showed the path of development- Devender Rana

TNN Bureau. Updated: 3/19/2024 5:44:57 PM Jammu and Kashmir

PRSI, Jammu organized a discussion on the book 'Modi Consensus: The Rediscovery of Bharat'

Jammu: The Public Relations Society of India, Jammu Chapter, organized a discussion on the book 'Modi Consensus: The Rediscovery of Bharat'. The discussion, held at the Press Club, attended by the author of the book, Dr. Swadesh Singh, and well known political leader of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Devender Singh Rana, as esteemed guests. More than 50 educators, researchers, journalists, and social workers from Jammu participated in this discussion. The program commenced with the lighting of the lamp and was inaugurated with a welcome speech by the Vice Chairman of PRSI, Jammu chapter Opinder Sharma.
Addressing the program, Dr. Swadesh Kumar stated that this book is important for understanding current politics. He highlighted the work done by Prime Minister Modi on issues like politics and policy-making in the last 5-10 years and the changes seen in international politics as a result. Speaking about the current political situation, he emphasized that any political party aiming to stay mainstream must focus on social issues, which is evident under Prime Minister Modi's leadership. He illustrated that when he speaks, it reflects the history of five thousand years. In today's political scenario, politicians have started bringing their personal spaces in the public domain, which is also the demand of the day. Merely slogans like 'eradicate poverty' won't work anymore; rather, actions for the poor and needy are necessary.
Reflecting on the book discussion, Devender Singh Rana said that Prime Minister Modi has indeed shown the path of development to the country. Patriotism has always existed among the people of India, but today, people not only talk about patriotism but also take pride in it. After becoming Prime Minister in 2014, Narendra Modi worked on the concept of 'My India is great', and today, every citizen of the country feels proud of 'My Bharat, Our Bharat, Proud Bharat'. He emphasized that he is a Hindu, and he takes pride in being a Hindu, and everyone should take pride in their respective religions.
From the same platform, the Secretary of the Public Relations Society of India, Jammu Chapter, initiated a campaign to raise awareness among voters for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2024. The slogan of this campaign is, 'Value your vote, Vote for Values.'
In the book discussion, students from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Jammu region, Kashish Saxena, Shubhra, and Harshita, presented a book review. A vote of thanks was given by senior journalist and Secretary of Jammu Press Club, Dinesh Manhotra. The program was anchored by Ms. Komal Shangloo and Ms. Yashi Navya.
The discussion was attended by Regional Director, IIMC Jammu Prof. (Dr.) Anil Saumitra, Associate Professor, Center for Media Studies, JNU Dr. Archana Kumari, senior journalist Tejendra Singh Sodhi, senior journalist Sant Kumar Sharma, former director, Doordarshan Sanjeet Khajuria, retired Sq. Ldr. Anil Sehgal , Senior Journalist OP Sharma, Senior Journalist Pradeep Dutta, Senior Journalist Jorawar Singh, Associate Professor, Jammu Central University, Dr. Umesh Kumar, Assistant Professor Dr. Bachcha Babu, Assistant Professor Manish Prakash, Assistant Professor Dr Ajay Singh, PRSI members Kamal Sharma, Dr. Gopal Parthasarthi, among other participants participated in the book discussion.

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