Don't vent frustration of assembly polls defeat inside Parl: PM to opp

TNN Bureau. Updated: 12/5/2023 2:13:23 AM Front Page

New Delhi: Asserting that people have rejected "negativity", Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday urged the opposition not to vent its frustration of the assembly polls defeat inside Parliament and move forward with positivity as that may change the people's perspective towards them.
Speaking with the media outside Parliament building ahead of the Winter Session, he said the session was a "golden opportunity" for the opposition.
"The country has rejected negativity. We always have dialogue with opposition friends at the start of session, we always seek cooperation of everyone. This time also all such processes have been completed," he said.
This "temple of democracy" is a very important platform for people's aspirations and strengthening foundation of developed India, Modi said and urged all members to come well prepared and called for a thorough discussion on bills so that good suggestions come to the fore.
But if discussion does not take place, the country misses those things, Modi said.
"If I speak on basis of the assembly poll results, this is a golden opportunity for opposition friends. Instead of making plans for venting frustration over defeat, they should learn from this defeat, leaving behind the habit of negativity of the last nine years, if they move forward with positivity this session, the country will change its perspective towards them. A new door could open for them," he said.
"They are in the opposition but still I am giving them good advice," he added.
Modi urged the opposition to come forward with a positive mindset.
"Everyone's future is bright, there is no need to lose hope but please don't vent the frustration of the defeats suffered outside inside Parliament. There would be frustration and disappointment, also your colleagues would need to show their strength but don't make this temple of democracy that platform," the prime minister said.
"I say on the basis of my experience, I would say change your (opposition) direction a bit, leave the habit of opposing for the sake of opposing. Support constructive things that are in country's interest, debate the shortcomings that are there and you will see that the hatred among the people over such things, that may change into love," he said.
Modi said it is a chance for the opposition and they should extend cooperation in Parliament.
"I want to say from the political point of view that it is in your (opposition) interest also to give a message of positivity to the country. It is not good for democracy that your image is of hate and negativity," he said.
In democracy, the opposition is equally important and should be capable, Modi said.
The prime minister said, "2047 -- the country does not want to wait long for becoming developed. This is the feeling in every section of the society. Respecting this sentiment, all members should take forward Parliament proceedings, this is my request to them".
In his remarks to the media, he said the results of assembly polls were encouraging for those committed to people's welfare and the country's bright future.
Those who move on principle of empowerment of four 'castes' of women, youth, farmers, poor get overwhelming support, the prime minister said.
When there is commitment to people's welfare then the word anti-incumbency becomes irrelevant, he said, adding that some call it pro-incumbency, good governance or transparency that is being experienced in the country.
The BJP swept Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh on Sunday inflicting a resounding defeat on the Congress to tighten its stranglehold in the Hindi heartland.
The Congress ousted the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) in Telangana to make it 3-1 for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the latest round of Assembly elections billed as a semi-final before next year's poll showdown.
The Winter session of Parliament is scheduled to have 15 sittings till December 22.

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