Admin terminates six doctors for unauthorized absent, 11 warmed

Wajahat Shabir. Updated: 9/23/2022 11:50:24 AM Front Page

SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir government has yet again terminated six doctors for remaining unauthorised absent from duties.
At the same time, 11 doctors have been asked to give a bond that they will serve in Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory for five years. An order in this regard has been issued by Bhupinder Kumar, Secretary to the Health and Medical Education Department.
The Director, Health Services, Kashmir had intimated that among others following doctors proceeded for higher studies within and outside the UT of J&K without prior permission from the competent authority thereby resorted to unauthorized absence from duties, the order reads.
As per the order, three doctors were absent from the year 2019, two from the 2018 and one from the year 2017.
In some cases notices were served to these doctors by the Director of Health Services, Kashmir and in some cases by Administrative Department, wherein, an opportunity was given to them to resume their duties immediately, otherwise, disciplinary action shall be initiated against them as warranted under rules;
AND WHEREAS, these doctors neither replied to the final notice nor reported back for duties except Dr. Ubaid Ali who after completion of the course had signed a compulsory bond with the Karnataka Government to work there till January 2023, without any intimation to the Health & Medical Education Department, Union Territory of J&K and deserves to be considered under Article 128 of J&K CSR Vol-I.
Now, therefore, in terms of Article 128 of J&K Civil Services Regulation, Vol-I, the services of six un-authorizedly absent doctors are hereby terminated and they are discharged from the Government service from the dates mentioned against each, the order reads.
In another order, the Health and Medical Education Department mentioned that 11 doctors were absent from the service since 2018 and 2019. The doctors were issued show cause notice and were asked to submit a written statement of defence to the Administrative Department and also state whether he/she desires to be heard in person or not.
On examining the reply/relevant documents, it has been found that several doctors have already completed/are likely to be completing their higher studies/super-specialist courses and have shown their willingness to resume their duties. Moreover, the specialization in the respective disciplines by these doctors shall be beneficial in treating the patients with advanced knowledge and expertise, the order read.
The case of these doctors was examined in the Department and in the interest of patient care, it has been decided that the doctors who have submitted their joining report/reply in the Directorate of Health Services, Kashmir/Administrative Department in compliance with the notices served upon them, be allowed to resume their duties, it reads.
“Now, therefore, the sanction is hereby accorded to allow the following doctors to re-join within a period of 21 days in the Directorate of Health Services, Kashmir to resume their duties, with prospective effect, subject to the following conditions which include that they shall be given in writing (in the shape of bond) that they will save the UT of J&K, at least for a period of five years”, the order reads.

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