APUM doing spade work for ‘seat sharing’ …..….?

Saroj Razdan. Updated: 8/3/2022 12:45:23 PM Front Page

Trying to rope in more parties against BJP, AAP still out of amalgam

Jammu: In what can be politically deciphered as warming up for electoral understanding much ahead of Assembly polls in J&K, All Parties United Morcha, an amalgam of non BJP parties has begun its ‘exercise’ which is nothing but a spade work for reaching out at some agreement on seat sharing arrangement in Jammu region which can essentially afflict damage to BJP prospects.
The Morcha which came into being two months back with three main parties Congress, NC and PDP primarily on board held meeting today. Apparently through its press release APUM listed the main demand having been asserted in the meeting that Prime Minister Narender Modi should announce restoration of statehood on coming Independence Day for J&K. This may be so being commensurate with the timing of August 15 and also with the schedule of opposition upping its agenda against BJP on and around August 5, a day when Article 370 was abolished from J&K.
However, the core agenda of APUM is typical of the strategies and exercises which all political parties do ahead of elections, source as one of the prime participant of amalgam said. The aim and approach of all the parties to arrive at some understanding in order to have a seat sharing which will beat the prospects of BJP on every constituency. In other words, the opposition parties along with all other lesser known organisations which are against BJP are building up on an undeclared ‘agreement’ which may or may not bring individual gains to them but will definitely do against the electoral prospects of BJP in Jammu region where the party is heavily banking on the electoral gains.
As for widening its base, APUM is trying to rope in more and more parties in its fold so as to make it a big anti BJP platform both for issues related to common people as well as for electoral gains purpose. While Shiv Sena is already with it having participated in earlier meetings except today, the Morcha has not managed to get AAP into its fold, sources said adding that since many senior leaders including former ministers and legislators have joined the AAP, their participation will add further weight to the amalgam. However, none of its leaders have shown their interest so far in joining the front. The parties have realised that they cannot give hard competition to ruling BJP individually , more so on the issues which are common to all of them, However, they are clear that on some issues on which their agendas are split regionwise, they will retain their respective stands.
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