At first, Whole Lung Lavage therapeutic procedure performed in J&K CD Hospital becomes one of few centres to perform Whole Lung Lavage

TNN Bureau. Updated: 7/3/2022 9:50:48 AM Front Page

Srinagar: In the first, a Whole Lung Lavage therapeutic procedure of a 50-year-old man was performed in Jammu and Kashmir to treat rare lung diseases.
The therapeutic procedure was done at Chest Disease Hospital Srinagar. By performing the Whole Lung Lavage, the CD Hospital, Srinagar has become one of the few centers in the country to do the therapeutic procedure.
Talking to TNN, Head of Department Pulmonary Medicine Chest Disease Hospital Srinagar Prof. Dr Naveed Nazir said, "The procedure was performed by a combined effort from Departments of Pulmonary Medicine and Anaesthesia of Government Medical College, Srinagar"".
He said, "A patient was a 50-year male who presented with one-month history of shortness of breath on exertion and was found to have low oxygen saturation (60% on room air). On evaluation at CD Hospital with the help from Cincinnati Children'Children' Centre (U.S.A.), a diagnosis of primary Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis was made".
He said, "Pulmonary alveolar proteinosis is a rare lung disorder with an estimated prevalence of 0.2 -0.6 cases per 100000 individuals. The disease is characterized by accumulation of milk like proteinaceous material in the Lung sacs affecting gas exchange and resulting in hypoxemia (low oxygen saturation).
"Whole Lung Lavage is considered the standard of care for management of this rare disorder. The procedure was successfully performed over three hours using 15 litres of sterile normal saline (to wash out the lung) in the theatre of Chest diseases hospital", he added.
By performing this procedure, CD hospital has become only one of the few centers in the whole country where this procedure has been performed, Dr Naveed said.
The team of Interventional Pulmonologists lead by of H.O.D. Pulmonary Medicine Prof Dr Naveed Nazir Shah consisted of Prof Khursheed Ahmad Dar, Dr Muhammad Yousuf Dar, Dr Firdous Manzoor, Dr Tajamul Hussain, Dr Zubair, Dr Hina, Dr Aliya, Dr Shahnawaz, Dr Naeem, Dr Mehwish, Dr Tahir, Dr Shahid, Dr Zaid, Dr Asir along with theatre team of CD hospital Gulzar and Hilal.
The anaesthesia team consisted of Dr Mushtaq and Dr Messam under the guidance of H.O.D. Anaesthesia Prof Rukhsana Najeeb with assistance from Hilal, Younis, and Farooq performed the Whole Lung Lavage therapeutic procedure.

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