Sonu Sood recalls how jealous co-star changed the subject and walked away when his humanitarian work was recognized

TNN Bureau. Updated: 6/23/2022 2:31:54 PM Entertainment

Actor Sonu Sood has said that in the film industry, there are many people who are better actors off-camera than on-camera. He cited the example of people who call him up to appreciate his hard work, offer their help, but balk when he actually gives them work.

Some of these people, Sonu said in an appearance on The Ranveer Show podcast, clearly tell him that they can only spare an hour for humanitarian work. Sonu earned widespread praise for his work during and after the initial wave of the pandemic. He originally arranged for migrant workers to be transported to their home towns, and then transitioned into providing medical and financial aid for those in need.

He admitted that the hero-worship that he attracts not only makes him awkward, but appears to make some of his co-stars envious. He said in Hindi, “It has often happened that I find myself around co-stars when people come up to me and praise me for the work I’ve done. I’ve noticed that they suddenly become uncomfortable, and trying to evade the conversation by changing the topic. Which is fine, but encouragement goes a long way. Their pride won’t be dented if they say something nice. They don’t need to scream it from the rooftops, but even if they do it privately, it goes a long way. Nobody does this.”

Citing one particular example of a co-star’s reaction, Sonu continued, “I can’t take names, but some people built a temple in my honour in the South. The director I was working with was watching a news story about it on his phone, and he showed it to me. Just then, the star walked over and asked what we were watching. The director told him, and the star looked into the distance, made some comment about someone’s house over the hill, and slipped away. Even the director was surprised. But I felt it’s okay, because that’s when you realise you’re doing the right thing.”

He did admit, however, that he feels odd when people make such grand gestures in his honour. The actor also spoke about the chain of ‘soldiers’ that he has empowered to continue his humanitarian efforts, including the brands that he works with, and the people that he has helped in the past. He said that he has instructed all brands that ask him to endorse their products to funnel his fees into hospital requirements and the like.

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