108 Ambulance service improving healthcare transportation in Rajouri

TNN Bureau. Updated: 6/17/2022 10:20:42 PM Jammu and Kashmir

Rajouri : The 108 ambulance service under the banner of Jammu and Kashmir health department as improved medical transportation facilities in border district Rajouri to a larger extent giving much need it respite to the people.
Ambulance service 108 was started in Rajouri district a couple of years ago and Ambulance service is provided on the authentication of health officials.A recent heroic act of pilot Parvod Kumar and EMT Imran Chowdhary of 108 Ambulance JK11F 4697 has also been widely hailed.
Every ambulance is run by a driver referred to as pilot and one emergency medical trainer also remains with the vehicle in order to provide any kind of emergency medical service. Both pilots and EMTs of these ambulances have done a number of heroic acts winning public appreciation.People have termed 108 ambulance service as an important development in health sector.

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