Book Review: “And In The End” - A voyage to a different dimension

TNN Bureau. Updated: 6/1/2022 12:00:39 AM Books and Authors

Death is inescapable and every living being on the planet encounters its demise one day. Is death really the ultimate truth, or is it merely a pause before another journey ahead? No one knows. Even after considerable scientific research and interpretations based on faith, there has been no evidence about what lies beyond the final breath that life takes before meeting its end.

‘And in the End’ written by Sumit Mullick and published by Leadstart is a remarkable scientific expedition to explore the mysteries of time and space across multiple universes and beyond infinity. A journey to confront the afterlife and interpret what’s in store beyond death, this science fiction novel presents the story of the protagonist Ajit Singh, a custodian of the fundamental laws that govern time, space and matter, and who delves deep into the quantum world that is at the essence of every component in this universe. His scientific research leads him to discover that death, as we understand it, is not possible according to quantum physics, and he takes the leap of faith to choose a radical methodology to prove his conviction. Will he be able to prove his point, or will his sacrifice go in vain? Delve into a saga that weaves its way through real-life characters and situations, suffused with romantic liaisons, the weirdness of astrophysical elements, and counter-intuitive concepts of quantum and astrophysics.

Brought up in Kolkata and having spent his formative years in the joyful city that is the embodiment of culture and intellectualism, Sumit Mullick is a published author of three novels and an academic book on school education. Through his latest novel ‘And in the End’, Sumit impressively portrays his command over the knowledge of quantum physics and convincingly establishes its connection with death and the afterlife.

The flow of the narration is seamless, and the language is lucid enough for a layman to understand. With a strong storyline and extensive references, the book is perfect for science fiction fans. Get ready to set out on an expedition to encounter different worlds, universes, and dimensions, and let your imagination soar high through this interesting read.

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