Kunwarani Ritu Singh leads a delegation of FICCI FLO JKL Members on the First Edition Heritage Walk through the old city of Jammu

TNN Bureau. Updated: 5/17/2022 10:57:35 PM City and Neighbourhood

Jammu: The sunrise of 17th May 2022, ushered in 30 enthusiastic members of FICCI FLO Jammu Kashmir & Ladakh, alighting Auto Rickshaws from iconic Amar Mahal towards Dewan Bishandas Street, Link Road in the old City of Jammu.
The Morning started with an inauguration of an exhibition that was held in collaboration with BLURCK 21 in an age old Haveli, where Jammu urban sketching and monotype printmaking were displayed.
A workshop had been conducted by Bhavya Jain & Lakshita , young architects from CEPT Ahmedabad.
Followed by a Heritage walk down the lanes through Dewan Bishandas Street, Jain bazaar, Chowk Chabutara culminating at Mubarak Mandi.
Kunwarani Ritu Singh in her address to all those present on the occasion emphasized on the importance of preserving, conserving and taking pride in this Historic Old City. She appealed to all her members of FICCI FLO JKL to participate in reviving the lost glory that these streets once echoed with.
Kunwarani Ritu Singh walked the talk along with anecdotes, folklore and a narrative shared by many women who have had strong ties with various parts of the old city.
The Guest of Honor on the occasion was Deputy Mayor Purnima Sharma ji, who shared her invaluable insights on the steps being taken towards the development and restoration works . The delegation was seen relishing Puri, Channa, Aloo & Lassi at the famous Rawalpindi Dhaba, over animated conversations and regaling stories of the past.
The event concluded with an Ardaas at the Historic Gurudwara Sahib of Panjthirthi. And an obeisance paid to Bhairav Baba in the vicinity.
It is indeed interesting to see the multicultural facets that coexist peacefully in these lanes, that echo with History, Trade, Tradition, Merchandise and Street Vendors.

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