Meher Munshi releases her book, “Cheese Chilli Toast”From the desk of an eleven-year-old, this is book full of ups and downs and twists and turns of

TNN Bureau. Updated: 2/27/2022 5:26:52 PM Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu, 27th February, 2022: At a book launch event at Press Club Jammu today, 11 year old Meher
Munshi released her first book “Cheese Chilli Toast”. This book is a collection of short stories which are
loosely based on her learnings and life experiences.
The book has been published by Wing Publications based in Pune. Speaking at the book launch event
Kailash Pinjani Managing Director of Wings Publication said, “If there's a book that you want to read, but
it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." Meher at very young age is blessed with writing skills,
I recommend every grown-up to read her book to revisit childhood memories and every kid to get
inspired and write a personal story as book. “Cheese Chilli Toast” as name suggest presents various
colors of life of a kid, it is window to see how a 11 year old kid looks at the world.
At the event, Meher Munshi spoke about the book and what inspired her to write, “It all started during
COVID. My mother had to reluctantly give me a computer with her only instruction to use her time, life
and the computer constructively.” Meher used this as an opportunity and did what she loved best that
is; to write. She wrote her first book ‘Cheese Chilli Toast’. This book chronicles exploring new things
from the eyes of an elementary school kid, finding things she wants to explore and more importantly
those she doesn’t enjoy and navigating through all this with support from her parents.
Meher Munshi, lives in Seattle United States and her parents are of Indian origin. She is an avid reader
and devours mythology books, loves sports and is especially passionate about fencing. She lives life to
the fullest and enjoys learning new skill sets, making new friends and helping out her parents.
Her book, Cheese Chilli Toast is available for purchase on Amazon 27th February onwards.
You can reach out to Meher at or at
[email protected]

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