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Author Interview: Chirasree Bose

Chirasree Bose is an author, editor, content writer, and software engineer with an indomitable passion for art and creativity. She is the bestselling author of three books. Her debut book “Done With Her…” grabbed remarkable positions on Amazon bestsellers lists while also getting her the title of ‘the second most popular debut author of India’ in 2019. Her second book, “Mrs. Basu’s Uncensored Familism”, a humor-cum-drama, won the hearts of readers across the country through its clever jabs at societal norms. She has recently come out with her third book “There’s Blood On Your Heart”, which is a crime thriller. In a candid chat with Chirdeep Malhotra, she talks about her latest book, her writing journey, her favourite books and authors, and much more. Read on!

Please tell us more about Chirasree Bose as a person.

I am hugely driven by passion and the wish for making a difference through my life. Never quite an expressive person, I have grown up feeling rather weak. But the ability to write has opened the pathways for dreams, strength, and unparalleled joy for me as a person.

Has writing always been a part of your life? Or did you chance upon it later on and then instantly fell in love with it?

I started writing at the age of 26. That is to say, I then took it seriously, rather began pursuing it as a dream career at that age. Earlier, I had written quite a few pieces but none had ended up nicely. Either I had given up, thinking it was a passing hobby or something else. But like you said, once I started this time, I was head over heels in love with writing. I still am. Writing is what I breathe in for myself and words are what I breathe out for the world every day.

Please tell us more about your book “There’s Blood On Your Heart”.

It’s a thriller, much filled with emotions. The story starts with the protagonist coming back to her birth land India after 20 years to dig up the truth behind a crime that had snatched both her parents from her. But as she lands, in no time, her world is flanked with death after death, and the mystery continues. All of it boils down to one question – why does her mother come to her dream every night only to tell her, “there’s blood on your heart, daughter, and you’re seeing through it”?

Can you tell us more about your writing process for this novel? How did you go about creating three-dimensional characters and mapping out an engaging plot for this novel?

It took me 2 years to complete the novel. So far, this is the most complex and emotional story that I’ve written. So honestly, the process often took a toll on me. I can’t remember the number of drafts that I wrote for this novel. But also, I am glad it happened because that means I was rather ruthless with the plot-building as well as the characters. I kept making tiny changes for improvement, I’d often wake up having thought of a twist, and sometimes, I even reprimanded myself for going easy on the characters. As an author, one needs to be unkind to their drafts and unbiased toward the characters, and I did just that with this story. I didn’t stop until all the details were well-researched and my characters felt real and relatable.

Tell us more about the protagonist Nihar. How did the character come to you and how much did she change in the process of writing the novel?

Nihar wasn’t the first character that came to me. It was her mother, actually, her dead mother who occurred to me first. I was highly intrigued with the thought of writing about a bond between a daughter and her mother who had been dead for 20 years. The whole story revolves around Nihar, of course, but the growth that took place in her with time did so because of this bond. When the story starts, one can see she’s this new-age, carefree soul who has moved on from her past but as it progresses, this very woman is all set to pass through hell only to bring justice to the dead.

What kind of research did writing this book entail?

I think every story demands its share of research. Without that, you’re throwing your book at the risk of being questioned by readers. When writing about crime, it is all the more important. Because of course, the law is involved, the methods are to be considered, weapons, evidence, and what not. And yet that’s just what you see on the surface. As an author, we have to carry out minute analyses of every piece of information we’re giving to the readers. Because at the end, when the knot is being unfurled, the reader must feel satisfied.

What were some of the challenges while writing this book?

The constant shift in the storyline between the past and the present was often a challenge. I was slightly worried because I wasn’t sure if my readers would picture the whole thing, especially the shifts, just the way I did. Apart from that, also the fact that I was not satisfied with the plot for so long and constantly forcing myself to change things was starting to make me crazy toward the end.

Can you recommend five books from any genre, for our readers to add to their reading lists, that you particularly cherish?

I love “Crooked House” by Agatha Christie (my all-time favourite), “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy, “Second Life” by S. J. Watson, “Whisper to Me Your Lies” by Novoneel Chakraborty, and “The Silent Patient” by Alex Michaelides.

What are your other interests apart from writing?

I love painting.

There are many new writers and poets who are aspiring to get their work published. What would you say to them?

Maintain your unique style of writing no matter what and keep at it. Do not give up and fall for the grandeurs of social media. Keep pursuing your passion and focus on self-improvement.

What are you working on next? Any new literary projects that our readers should look out for?

I am working on my 4th book. That’s going to be a thriller, with a touch of politics and societal issues.

Can you share with our readers a motivational quote that keeps you going?

“Remember why you started…”

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