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1) “The Sun-Eyed Children” by Joel Koechlin

(Fiction | Format: Paperback/Kindle | MRP: 248 INR)

BLURB: December 1970, midnight. In a deserted Munich suburb, at a dismal bus stop, a young rebel shivers under a driving sleet. His long hair gathers icicles while he ponders: should he burn his bridges and flee impending prison time? As the bus appears out of the swirling mist and stops, he shakes off any lingering self-doubt and steps in.
Little does he know he is embarking on an adventure far more demanding than his free spirit can imagine. It is the start of a journey that will take him half-way round the globe to distant India and the most remote reaches of the Himalayas. Embracing the life of a spiritual mendicant, he is forced into choices he never knew himself capable of, as he plunges headlong into a Quest that began centuries ago, and may find its conclusion in a far-off, uncharted future.
Only when he confronts the spectre of violent death, will he understand that all his life experiences must be integrated into one rich, all-encompassing Sweep of Existence that stretches infinitely across the ages, in an unstoppable ascent of perpetual evolution. Experience the spiritual journey of Lionel across space and time in this literary fiction.

2) “A Break in Love”, by Rrashima Swaarup Verma

(Romance Fiction | Format: Paperback | MRP: 280 INR)

BLURB: The difference between Karan’s conservative pin-striped suits and Lisa’s trendy designer fashion is as stark as the difference between their personalities, backgrounds and even their professions. To the casual observer, Lisa and Karan are a perfect example of ‘opposites attract’. The truth however, is a far cry from this seemingly perfect relationship. In a relentlessly fast-paced world where the stresses of surviving leave no room for much else, will this young couple have to accept the heart-breaking reality that all love stories aren’t forever after all? Or will an unexpected, brief separation give them a final chance to re-discover the lost magic? Set in contemporary urban India, “A Break in Love” is a witty and engaging tale of love, heartbreak and re-discovery.

3) “The Flame in My Heart” by Anshu Malika Roja Selvamani

(Poetry/Short Stories | Format: Paperback | MRP: 399 INR)

BLURB: This book is a collection of poems, short stories and quotes that reflect the unspoken truths and times of the author. This book is collective reflection of comfort and pain in the most surprising of times. It talks about teenagers, mental health, being depressed, insecurities, betrayals, friends and love in a beautiful fictional world that the author has created.

4) “When Mommy was a Little Girl”, edited by Pranav Kumar Singh

(Children’s Literature | Format: Paperback/Kindle | MRP: 284 INR)

BLURB: Have you imagined your Mommy as a 'little girl'? Have you ever wondered what your Mommy was as a 'little girl'? Was she well-behaved or a mischievous prankster? Did she stay indoors or did she love sneaking out of the house to play with her friends, or to cycle and climb trees? Did she drape her mother's saree and apply her make-up? Did she dance in front of the mirror?
Fifteen Mommies from different parts of India are here to tell you the stories of what they did when they were 'little girls' – of the fun they had, the pranks they played, their love-hate relationship with their siblings, and how they troubled their parents and much more. Edited by Pranav Kumar Singh and illustrated delectably by Abhilasha Khatri, this is a one-of-a-kind anthology that brings together fifteen mommies to tell you the stories of how they were as little girls.

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