The Lit Talks in Conversation with Entrepreneur Sougat Dasgupta

TNN Bureau. Updated: 12/30/2021 12:26:28 PM Books and Authors

A platform that celebrates personage in every guest and invites experts from varied domains to share their journey and experience, ‘The Lit Talks’, a unique Talk Show and a venture of Literia Insight, invited an acclaimed entrepreneur and the owner of Astroanswer, Mr. Sougat Dasgupta as an esteemed guest.

The session that marked its ceremonial shoot at The Westin, Kolkata, Rajarhat, had an interactive conversation on the journey of Sougat’s entrepreneurial venture and various aspects related to astrological connotations on corporates and businesses. A Bioengineer from NIT, Agartala, Sougat has several degrees in Vedic science and Astrology to his credit. A Professional Astrologist and Vastu Consultant with a huge clientele, Sougat is a Rudraksha Therapist, certified Psychologist, and the founder of Astroanswer- an online consultancy service for Astrology and Vastu. His profound inclination towards writing marked his career in the field with Hello Poetry, Pratilipi, YourQuotes, and other online channels. Winner of Elite Writer Status by Evergreen Journal of international Poetry, he has been published by many local newspapers, magazines, and has also co-authored several books like ‘Insane Heart Poetry’, ‘A Quintette of Passions’, ‘Unspeakable Book’, etc. He is currently involved in research projects of Astrology and Vastu and working on his book on Astrology.

The candid conversation began by discussing about Astroanswer, its objectives, and vision. Defining the term ‘Astrology’ as understood by a layman, Sougat further shared how his company helps instill the belief of technical implications of astrology. Sougat discussed the challenges that he faced as a young entrepreneur and the difficulties he faced in setting up his organization. He also enlightened the audience about the services and products that his company envisions to offer to the clients in forthcoming years.

The host of the show, Mr. Nitish Raj, Co-Founder of Literia Insight and Editor-in-Chief at The Literary Mirror and an eminent speaker at prestigious institutions like IITs, IIM Lucknow, and NIT Silchar, prompted the esteemed guest to discuss the rising trends of astrology in the Indian business hemisphere. He further asked Mr. Sougat Dasgupta to share the facets that make Astroanswer different from its competitors and how the relevance of astrology has become more impactful in the covid times.

The session ended with a fun segment where some quick questions made the discussion even more lively.

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