Food adulteration

TNN Bureau. Updated: 12/1/2021 8:17:43 AM Edit and Opinion

The administration in Kashmir in the last six months has imposed a fine of over Rs 17 Lac on violators during inspection of adulteration of milk, quality of meat and other eatable items.As per the data available, from April to October, this year, the Food Safety Department, Kashmir compliance through regular inspections and sampling conducted 4637 inspections across the valley. Wherein, the Food safety organization officials checked the adulteration of milk, milk products and quality of meat and other eatable items.During the checking, the food safety officers lifted 1898 food items, whereas, 528 numbers of prosecutions were launched. With regard to the fine imposed, a senior official affiliated with Food Safety Department, Kashmir said that Rs 17, 67, 200 fine was imposed on violators across the valley.The official added that Rs 60, 000 fines with imprisonment was imposed during the checking in the market. He added that during the checking, the value of food items worth Rs 403500 was seized by the team, whereas, food items worth Rs 39, 800 were destroyed by the department.Also during the course of the checking, 49, 78, 000 License fee was realized by the team, officials added. He added that the team received as many as 25 complaints from different quarters and the same number of complaints was investigated by the team.The official added that there were prosecutions launched under insanitary conditions of meat sellers (butchers). During the course of action, 40 butchers were prosecuted for selling the meat in insanitary conditions.Also on the other hand, in the six months, over 29 milk drives were conducted, officials said. He added, over 386 samples were lifted (routine as well as during drives). Whereas, during the checking over 48 samples were found of Not of Standard Quality (NOS).During the course of action, the official said that 32 prosecutions were launched. He added, “Not only that, 18 drives were conducted for checking the quality of edible oils across Kashmir. Whereas 217 samples were collected, while, 41 samples were found Not of Standard Quality. Further, during the course of action, 11 prosecutions were launched”.

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