‘The Lit Talks’, a venture of Literia Insight invites author Jyoti Jha as an esteemed guest

TNN Bureau. Updated: 10/13/2021 4:23:51 PM Books and Authors

Whether one is a budding bibliophile or one is neck-deep in the literary world, Lit Talks are definitely for literature lovers. Keeping this aim and enthusiasm in mind, ‘The Lit Talks’, a venture of Literia Insight gets up close with various experts from different domains to share their experience and expertise. The Talk Show is all about the spirit of celebrating literature, discussions and dialogues, and sharing the stories behind stories.

The esteemed guest of the very first episode of ‘The Lit Talks’ was Jyoti Jha, an HR-turned-author, a literary critic, and a columnist. A proud panelist and Guest Speaker in Talk Shows at prestigious institutions like IIM Lucknow, IIT Delhi, IIT Jammu, and Christ College, she has been an honorable Jury Member at the Literary Club, IIT BHU for Storytelling.

During the show, Jyoti discussed her journey of embarking upon the field of literature and becoming an author of three books. Her book ‘The Realms of Human Emotions’ sold its first print within few days of its release and it has been appreciated by both readers and prestigious media houses like The Times of India and The Free Press Journal. Jyoti shared her insight on literature, life, and writing. She also shared the role of TOI Write India and how it inspired the storyteller within her. “Short stories have always been there in our literature, it is the mindset of the readers that needs to change when it comes to picking up short story collections”, she said while discussing how much the idea of storytelling has lagged as compared to novels.

The host of the show, Mr. Nitish Raj is a Literary Critic-turned-author, Editor-in-Chief at The Literary Mirror, a Movie Critic, a feminist, and a thinker. Co-Founder of Literia Insight, Nitish Raj has varied dimensions to his creativity that resonates with the audience.

The discussion progressed with an interactive conversation about how writing changes us as individuals and the valuable perspectives we add to our lives as authors. The guest shared her thoughts on the aspects that interest millennial kids, and that can be inculcated in story-writing. “Children of today are more aware, intelligent, progressive, adaptive, and have a mind of their own”, she said. Having lived in the UK and USA for eight years, Jyoti shared her globe-trotting experience and how that reflects in her book ‘Around The World Through My Lens’. The show concluded with an interesting rapid-fire round and the author's advice, ‘Never give up' to the budding writers finding foot in the ocean of storytelling.

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