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1) “Blackboard and Beyond”, edited by Dr. Sanam Vaseem Shaikh

(Format: Paperback | Publisher: The Impish Lass Publishing House)

This inspiriting book consists of a collection of writings which describe the experiences of various authors of being students as well as teachers. The anthology contains myriad insights on learning, and how we can make our schools more equitable and inclusive. Through various anecdotes and life lessons incorporated in these write-ups, readers will get to know thought-provoking insights on how we can inculcate empathy in the students, while incorporating new learning methods in the curriculum.

2) “Spin A Warm Winter Tale”, edited by Samahita Mukherjee

(Format: Paperback | Publisher: The Impish Lass Publishing House)

This book is an original take of forty two storytellers on the winter season. While echoing the magical impression of warm winter tales in the heart of the readers, this book will force the readers to be engaged in a dialogue with characters, plots, and thoughts through mesmerising haikus, anecdotes, and short stories. Each narrative draws in a unique blend of the poet’s or writer’s perspective, be it fictional or anecdotal, careening an arc travelling through time; making it inspiring, and immortal.

3) “A Purple Poem”, edited by Kavita Sarin and Praniti Gulyani

(Format: Paperback | Publisher: The Impish Lass Publishing House)

This book consists of a collection of polemics, essays, poetry, prose and anecdotes, ranging from the pen of a thirteen year old to the quill of a sixty eight year old. The diverse and myriad voices in this anthology offer a collective voice against domestic violence. This brilliantly edited book has hard-hitting articles, heart-wrenching poetry, and the write-ups convey a tapestry of emotions.

4) “Changed Forever”, edited by Anamika Kundu

(Format: Paperback/Kindle | Publisher: The Impish Lass Publishing House)

This anthology consists of stories that will grip you, poetry that will force you to reflect and anecdotes that will make you laugh. In this eclectic collection of write-ups, the various writers describe through stories and anecdotes how they have undergone a change in their perception, beliefs and outlook. The essence of the book is that all changes are learnings and life lessons as they enrich our being.

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