HR-turned-author Jyoti Jha’s book “The Realms of Human Emotions” launched at FACC, IIT Delhi

TNN Bureau. Updated: 6/1/2021 1:05:12 PM Books and Authors

IIT Delhi, one of the oldest Indian Institutes of Technology in India, and one of the first institutes to be awarded the Institute of Eminence status, launched Jyoti Jha’s book “The Realms of Human Emotions”.

The virtual event was hosted by Azure, Fine Arts and Crafts Club (FACC), IIT Delhi, in association with Literia Insight in an Instagram Live session on May 22, 2021. The event was led by Ms. Neha from FACC, and was supported by Ms. Naimisha Koppala, Secretary FACC; Mr. Nitish Raj, Co-Founder, Literia Insight; Mr. Ritik Rahul, Director, Azure; and Mr. Vikash Raj Saxena, Founder, Literia Insight.

“The Realms of Human Emotions” is a collection of seven stories that explore the spheres of human emotions. The stories perfectly create a fine balance between the outer hurricane of sentiments and an inner vortex of fervours as depicted through the characters and the events.

The book launch comprised of interesting discussions about the author’s journey in the literary field, as she shared her memories and moments about the writing of the book. “I was an MBA by accident, but I am an author by choice. TOI Write India has provided me with a sense of recognition”, she revealed. She said that she enjoyed her profession as a HR professional in the past, but it is through writing that she feels truly happy. She also shared how the present scenario has influenced her writing.

Discussing her forthcoming projects, Jyoti pointed out that the process of writing is the same in any language, and it is the rhythm and expression that changes. She shared her wonderful working experience with Literia Insight.

Nitish shared his views about how editing plays an important role in helping the authors set a tone for the narrative of the book and give the right treatment to the subject. He also shared how the book “The Realms of Human Emotions” sold out its first print in just ten days. He said, “It is the biggest appreciation for us as PR’s, publishers, and authors, when a book receives so much love and goes out for reprint no sooner than it hits the market”. The event closed with a parting note to the audience to keep on reading, and best wishes to the author from the FACC Team at IIT Delhi.

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