Amid Covid spike, parks, beaches shut in Chennai

TNN Bureau. Updated: 4/19/2021 12:42:52 PM National

Chennai: Malls, commercial establishments, tea shops, restaurants, vegetable markets, retail shops and provisional shops will remain opened till 9 pm and only 50 per cent customers will be allowed at a time, the civic body said i a statement.

Besides, the GCC will also ensure that people wear face masks and maintain social distancing.

Several restaurants found overcrowded were also shut in the city.

A senior GCC official told IANS: "Heavy fines are being levied on restaurants who had not adhered to the Covid protocols and allowed overcrowding.

We are collecting fines to the tune of Rs 10 lakh per day in enforcing these measures. More than the fines, we are vigilant enough that everybody maintains the Covid protocols and doesn't violate them for their own safety."

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