No threat of flood though water level increases due to rain in Kashmir

TNN Bureau. Updated: 4/18/2021 3:45:03 PM Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar, Apr 18: There is no threat of flood though water level in river Jhelum and its tributaries have witnessed increase due to moderate to heavy rains in the plains and snow on the upper reaches during the past three days resulting in chilly conditions in the Kashmir valley, including Srinagar.

“The water level has recorded increase due to rains across the valley. But, there is absolutely no immediate threat of flood though water level in some local nallahs has crossed the danger mark limit,” officials told TNN.

They said the water level will further increase during the next 24 hours when water from hills will enter river Jhelum and other rivers.

About the water gauge in river Jhelum and other rivers, they said at Sangam in south Kashmir, the water level was 7.2 feet on Sunday, which was still over 12 feet below danger mark. At Ram Munshi Bagh in Srinagar city, the water level was 10.51 feet, against danger mark of 18 feet.

In downstream Asham in north Kashmir, the level was 6.41 feet against danger mark of 14 feet, they said.

They said in Wullar Lake, one of the largest sweat water lake in Asia, the water level was 1576.20 meters, against danger mark of 1578 meters.

The water level in Nallah Vishow at Khudwani in south Kashmir was 3.84 meters, which is over 3 meters below danger mark of 7 meters. In Rambiyara Nallah at Wachi water level was 0.35 meters, against danger mark of 5.7 meters and Lidder Nallah which passes through world famous health resort of Pahalgam, the water level was 0.54 meter, which is over a meter below danger mark at Batkoor.

They said in Nallah Doodhganga at Barzulla in uptown Srinagar, the water level was 1.64 meters, against danger mark of 3.8 meters while in Nallah Sindh at Doderhama in central Kashmir district of Ganderbal the water level was 1 meter, against the danger mark of 3.35 meters.

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