Fully prepared to fight COVID-19: Principal GMC, Jammu

Rajat Vohra. Updated: 4/16/2021 10:56:03 AM Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu: Government Medical College, Jammu is fully prepared to fight the second wave of covid-19 in Jammu, says Dr. Shashi Sudan, Principal GMC&H, Jammu.
Like the whole nation, the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir has seen a sudden spike in deadly Covid-19 cases in the last couple of weeks.

Q1) How much is the second wave of Covid-19 dangerous?

Ans. As we all know, it is a mutable virus and showed the signs in the very early stage that it will change its nature in the coming future and this is what happened. After more than one year of its arrival in India, deadly coronavirus has changed its nature many times, either we talk about its symptoms or its effects. Moreover, we have seen many variants of this virus from around the country viz. UK variant, South African variant, Brazil, etc, and studies have shown that these variants of coronavirus are more mutable than that of earlier ones.

Q2) How much GMC&H Jammu is prepared to tackle this sudden spike?

And. If we go back and talk about its arrival in the UT of J&K, it was new and everyone was confused, but still, in very urgency, we health workers across UT had managed to handle the situation and fought with this deadly virus. But as time passed administration and even the health workers have developed the methods and techniques. We know what we are doing right now, we have prepared the road map ahead and I on behalf of the whole staff of GMC&H Jammu can assure the people that with their support we can fight these new strains and their 2nd wave. Besides this, we have made sudden changes in our daily routine works, more associated hospitals are being impaneled for surgeries and other purposes.

Q3) GMC has an extra burden of periphery areas, do you think it’s a challenge for GMC?

Ans. Yes, it is true that GMC has an extra load of periphery areas. Many of the emergency cases are being referred to GMC from across the Jammu division, but this load has been reduced from the last few months because of new GMCs. Besides this health department of UT of J&K have put extra focus on developing the infrastructure in district and sub-district hospital to make them sufficient to tackle medical emergency cases. We have a positive sign in this regard recently and hopeful that very few cases will be referred to GMC Jammu which simultaneously can reduce the load.

Q4) GMC has the responsibility of teaching MBBS and other paramedical students as well. How GMC admin is ensuring the safety of students during examination times?

Ans. There are two challenges in this regard, first is to ensure no loss of students’ studies and second is to conduct their exams timely with ensuring their safety. GMC is conducting examinations in five examination halls rather than one to maintain social distancing. Moreover, the face mask is mandatory, hand sanitizer will be used as well.

Q5) What advice you will give to the general public to prevent Covid-19?

And. Look, the rules/guidelines or we can say precautions are same to protect each other from this deadly virus, and those are one wear face mask properly, take care of hand hygiene, social distancing shall be maintained. I hope, If we follow these simple and easy steps, we will kill this virus soon.

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