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From a historical fiction on the fourteenth-century Kashmiri queen Kota Rani, to a short story collection portraying love in modern times, our book picks this week, curated by Chirdeep Malhotra


“The Last Queen of Kashmir” by Rakesh K. Kaul

This historical fiction is set in fourteenth-century Kashmir, and is the tale of Kota Rani, one of the greatest queens of the land. The narrative follows beautiful and regal Kota, who becomes Kota Rani, the wise regent who rules over Kashmir with a firm hand. As invaders and immigrants disturb the tranquillity of her land, Kota must find a way to protect her people. Can she weather the political intrigues and power-play of the court, and will she succeed in preserving the splendour and diversity of her society? This sweeping saga is about this Hindu queen who played a key role at a significant time in Kashmir’s history.


“Tender Is the Scalpel's Edge” by Dr. Gautam Das

“Tender is the Scalpel’s Edge” draws on Gautam Das’s real-life experiences working in Britain’s busy NHS hospitals – from the plunging depths of a patient dying on the operating table to the euphoria of a life saved by teamwork and skill. Gautam shares his journey from being a medical student fighting his own inner demons to becoming a senior consultant surgeon. Shards of his earlier life in India add to the richness of the narrative. The book is written to inform and engross the general reader, as well as those who are curious about life behind the surgeon’s mask. It is a moving collection of true stories from a professional at the frontline of medical care.


“Love In Modern Times” by Nitish Raj

“Love In Modern Times” by Nitish Raj is a collection of short stories that provide an insight on the prevalent mindset and behavioural patterns of the young generation when it comes to the matters of love. The stories perfectly aligning with the central theme of the book, carefully depict how the ‘so-called love’ has lost its way in the modern times. The simple, introspective, and expository narratives interestingly keep the readers engaged and compel them to contemplate on the degrading essence of love amongst the teenagers in these modern times.

“Fake Posh” by Deepti Sharma

A short-story collection depicting another sense of self that co-breathes beside an ideal and real persona and which is more practical, profitable, and sustainable, “Fake Posh” is an extraordinary read that punches you down with satirical tales inscribed in their own charm. The characters have been sketched through the canvas of relatability and thoughtful relevance to the storylines set in the contemporary times, making it easy for the readers to resonate with the emotions of the stories.

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