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Book Review: "Gratitude: The Purpose of Life" by Vasudha Neel Mani

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful, and the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. However, in today’s fast-paced life, a lot of people are not that much practising the values of gratitude. The author Vasudha Neel Mani has come out with the book “Gratitude: The Purpose of Life”, which is about adopting the morals and values of gratitude and abundance in our daily life.

The book highlights the importance of gratitude in our thoughts, words and actions; and how we can inculcate gratitude by practising seemingly simple things and incorporating them in our daily routines.

In the book, every chapter is dedicated to one gratitude, such as gratitude for food and water, relationships, health, education and work, etc. The gratitude journal and the accompanying exercises mentioned in the book will begin to transform the reader’s lives in a big way and make them more positive, grateful and compassionate human beings. ‘Gratitude is the key to abundance’ – This is the essence of the book.

The book lists exercises for 21 days for adults and children to learn to cope with stress and failures positively and keep putting in their best efforts despite the challenges. Being an educationist, the author has created a gratitude journal for students. In the book, she tells that after reading various books by writers such as Louise Hay, Norman Vincent Peale and Rhonda Byrne, she got immensely inspired to design a gratitude curriculum for children. However, the gratitude journal and exercises described in this book can be used by not only students and children, but by anyone wanting to apply it personally in their lives for personal and professional improvement.

The author has also listed down her personal observations in this book, and the improvements and abundance that she and many of her friends found after they started to maintain the Gratitude journal, and started practising gratitude wholeheartedly. There are also many motivational quotes in the book.

This is a self-help guide that suggests steps for developing positive personal mindsets and gratitude, and it is a great pick for individual growth that can be helpful in various aspects of life. This is a book that will guide you and help you in leading your life in a better and gratitudinous manner.

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