Ceasefire pact: Terrorist camps remain active across LoC, Pak strengthens infra

VISHAL. Updated: 4/4/2021 10:44:50 AM Front Page

Jammu: Almost more than one month has passed the ceasefire agreement between two arch rivals India and Pakistan and guns have fallen silent but the terrorist camps as well the Border Action Teams are still active across the Line of Control as the neighbour is busy strengthening infrastructure on its land.
“As peace has been almost restored and the people are also busy working in fields, but the movement across the border is still continuing,” reliable sources said.
They said that the BAT squad is also active in Pakistani army bunkers across the LoC and mobility of terrorists was also visible even despite sharing a bond of agreement between both the nations.
“Along with this, the Pakistani Army is also busy strengthening its bunkers,” sources added.
Whereas the Indian Army has not lowered its guard and taking full vigil by keeping a close watch on the movement across the border, sources said and added, “the number of terrorists has been increasing in Pakistani camps and bunkers across the fence for the last few days and it is hence, proved that the Pakistan can never be a country to be relied upon especially when ceasefire agreement is announced.”
Former Army Officer says that Pakistan cannot be blindly trusted upon keeping in view some past experiences.
“The enemy can initiate nefarious goals under the guise of peace. Therefore there is a need to be extra vigilant and alert,” he suggests adding, “if there are actually BAT squads and terrorists are seen moving across the LoC even post ceasefire agreement, then Pakistan cannot be taken lightly.”
“These squads always look out for an opportunity to sneak into Indian Territory,” he said and expressed that however, the Indian Army is fully capable of responding to any nefarious act and Pakistan is well aware of this.
Sources however, said that the Pakistan military is strengthening security systems along the border after the ceasefire agreement has been put in place.
“The Pakistani army is continuously engaged in strengthening its security network. The Pak Army is deploying several security equipment close to the LoC with strengthening their bunkers close to the border,” they said.
Security experts believe that there has been a sudden spurt in terrorist attacks in the interiors of the Kashmir valley after peace was established on the border.
“The attacks may also be a part of a conspiracy to divert the attention of the Indian Army from the LoC to the interiors, although the police and the army are busy trying to foil every plot with complete vigour,” they asserted.

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