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From a historical fiction set during the Second World War, to a thriller set in diverse locales, our book picks this week, curated by Chirdeep Malhotra


“Second World War Sandwich” by Digonta Bordoloi

This is a thrilling novel that burns with intensity and unpacks the lesser-known Naga story of one of the most brutal wars in modern history. In April 1944, The Imperial Japanese Army lays siege to a tiny British garrison in the remote town of Kohima, Nagaland, to march further into India, which results in one of the turning points of the Second World War. Among the small group of British troops defending the garrison are four unlikely soldiers. Fighting for their lives amidst the battle, the four of them are left questioning the human cost of war.


“The Broken Pendant” by Nalli Ramya

A smashing tale set in Teotihuacan pyramids, Mexico, and Houston, “The Broken Pendant” by Dr. Nalli Ramya, is a complete fiction that revolves around the sentiments of friendship, humour, and love. When the protagonist of the story, young Mark finds a grubby old diary in his attic, he is drawn to a world of haunted dreams, the expedition of finding the mystery behind a broken pendant, and a chaos generated by the sequential events and occurrences.


“The Realms Of Human Emotions” by Jyoti Jha

“The Realms Of Human Emotions” by Jyoti Jha aims at providing an immersive experience of sentiments impactfully drawn from the spheres of human emotions from regular living. Through this book and the compelling and captivating stories, the author entrances the readers. The stories explore human emotions that define our existence and delicately balance the relationships around us.


“Seasons of the Soul: 7 Steps to Connect with Your Life's Highest Purpose” by Sharon M. Koenig

In this book, Puerto Rican author and motivational speaker Sharon M. Koenig distils the secrets of spirituality and teaches us how to re-establish our link with the Divine through the seven-step Connection Process. This reconciliation with the Divine helps reveal our highest purpose, providing us with a beacon that acts as a guide through each season of our soul on Earth. Borrowing from diverse world traditions she studied for nearly three decades, Koenig also shares profound anecdotes about and effective practices for inner peace and contentment. Imbued with lessons in tolerance and forgiveness, faith and discernment, this book is an invitation to hope and serenity in the middle of the fiercest storms of life.

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