The cost of swiftness: On drugs, vaccines and regulators

Agencies. Updated: 7/31/2020 6:22:37 PM Edit and Opinion

Jammu, Jul 31: Immunization is one of the sheilded and most cost-effective ways to diminsh disease and intercept death. It is safe and cheap, and requires relatively little contact between the health system and the patient. As well as preventing death and illness, immunization also contributes to greater attendance in school, increased productivity, enhanced lifetime earnings and economic growth.
Immunization has been one of the great successes in global health. In 1974, about five percent of the world’s children had ingress to vaccines. As a spin-off from the successful effort to eradicate smallpox, a global effort was launched in the 1980s to get six vaccines for serious childhood diseases to the world’s children. Thanks to this effort, and the investments by both developing country governments and donors, three-quarters of all children are now immunized, saving about 3 million lives a year, and preventing long term illness and disability in millions more.

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