PM, HM ‘muti-pronged’ strategy on J&K unnerves rivals….!
Reassertion on 3 big demands leaves parties bereft of key issues !!
Saroj Razdan. Updated: 4/14/2024 2:13:04 AM

Jammu: With multi-pronged and well crafted strategy Prime Minister Narender Modi led BJP has unnerved all regional political parties in Kashmir where the poll scene has now been reduced to local ‘battle’. As both PM and HM have reiterated implementation of all the three big issues in J&K, rivals and regional parties are left with no ‘anti BJP’ agenda they could use during the campaign for LS polls.
In what can be seen as yet another master stroke of sorts, ahead of polls and amid preparedness of all parties to take on BJP, there is not much left they can rake up against Modi , Amit Shah or their party in general. None other than the Prime Minister himself once again came out with reassurance that statehood would be restored as already promised and Assembly polls will be held soon.
While this assurance came in public rally two days back from the PM, days earlier to assertion on this front it was Home Minister Amit Shah who surprised all by his statement on AFSPA. In what is being seen as ‘revocation plan’ devised by the Union government Shah minced no words in saying the latter has already drawn a roadmap for withdrawal of troops and the process will be initiated after elections.
Even though there has been guarded reaction of regional parties and politicians from Kashmir to this big statement, from what it looks like the tone and tenor of both the leaders, this time its not just rhetoric, instead government means to walk the talk. Shah has given broad explanation as to why Centre now thinks time is ‘appropriate’ to take steps in that direction. Therefore not much scope remains for regional parties or Congress to doubt the intentions of the government.
Be that as it may, the point remains almost all parties had these big issues in their kitty which they wished to rake up to hilt as false promises of the Union government. The parties had even drafted the anti Modi,anti Shah and anti BJP scripts around these key issues and they were preparing to paint them as ‘culprits’ of having snatched statehood, denying masses of their right to have their own elected government etc etc.
While the parties have just embarked on campaign, before it could gain momentum, PM and HM has ‘deflated the air’ on all the three big issues by coming out with reassurance on their promises. Be it NC, PDP or Congress, it goes without saying that the campaign stuff would have many things against Centre and BJP. As always and as a rule in the game of mud slinging or accusations, the leaders would have this big plan of inciting people over statehood denial and uncertainty over polls.
Moreover, the parties are said to be unnerved by HM’s well meaning assertion over withdrawal of AFSPA which continues to be a highly emotional, rather people oriented issue. Now what would the new script be like remains to be seen.

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