‘Disqualified because Modi scared about my next speech on Adani, I have seen it in his eyes,’ says Rahul Gandhi

TNN Bureau. Updated: 3/25/2023 4:14:41 PM

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today said he would keep defending the democratic voice of the people even if he is permanently expelled from parliament.

Addressing his first press conference in New Delhi after his disqualification as a member of Lok Sabha following his conviction in a criminal defamation case by a Surat court, Rahul said, "Even if they disqualify me permanently, I will keep doing my work. It does not matter if I am inside the parliament or not. I will keep fighting for the country.

"I am here to defend the democratic voice of people of India. Will continue to do that, I am not scared of anyone," our New Delhi correspondent quoting him as saying.

Rahul said his disqualification from parliament and allegations by ministers were aimed at distracting people from the Gautam Adani issue.

But "I am not scared of them. This is not in my history. I will continue asking what is the relationship between Adani and Narendra Modi," he said.

The former Congress president claimed he was disqualified because Prime Minister Narendra Modi was "scared of my next speech on Adani. I have seen it in his eyes."

"I had asked only one question on Adani... I will continue to ask questions and fight for democracy in India," according to Rahul.

He said his speech made in Parliament was expunged and later he wrote a detailed reply to the Lok Sabha speaker. "Some ministers lied about me, that I sought help from foreign powers. But there is no such thing I have done…..I will keep questioning the relationship between PM Modi and Adani."

Rahul alleged democracy is being attacked in India and "we are seeing examples of this each day. I am not interested in anything but the truth. I only speak the truth, it is my work and I will keep doing it even if I get disqualified or get arrested."

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