American Oncology Institute Jammu brings a well structured SBRT Program to Jammu region

TNN Bureau. Updated: 3/21/2023 2:22:52 PM

American oncology institute Jammu at ASCOMS Sidhra brought another first to Jammu by starting a well structured SBRT program.
The patients being treated by SBRT are first discussed with experts in the field.
SBRT is a kind of precision radiation treatment to deliver focused high dose in short time targeting the tumor and sparing the normal tissues.
Dr Neeraj Bishnoi Zonal COO said that in our endeavor to provide state of art cancer care services SBRT services have been initiated in a well structured manner in which the plans were first discussed with Dr Suresh Chaudhary who is Chief Medical Physicist and Group RSO AOI with work experience from leading Cancer centers of India.Mr Vikrant Thakur , Facility Director said that as a part of this initiative a team led by Dr Deepak Abrol, Senior Consultant Radiation Oncology , Ms Manjinder Kaur RSO, Mr Gokul Anandan, Mr Shubham Negi, Mr Mandeep , Ms Sehar, Mr Mudasser and Mr Anunay performed the SBRT of Tumor with upto 2 mm accuracy on state of art Halcyon Linear accelerator.
Dr Deepak Abrol said that, in this case, they used abdominal compression to reduce target motion. There are other techniques also, but each presents its own challenges. Various scans were registered to ascertain that the target tumor is delineated properly. The physics team performed the patient specific quality assurance by transferring the patient plan to slab phantom and calculating point dose also. To smoothen the flawless delivery process, dry runs were also conducted. Dr Deepak Abrol thanked Dr. Sushil Beriwal , Vice President Varian, and Academic Chair of AOI group for giving academic support and being always available to solve the queries concerning patients.
The treating team thanked the management of AOI Jammu for providing platforms to professionals to work for the benefit of patients of the Jammu region.

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