ASCOMS holds CME on ‘Foetal Echo Cardiography’

TNN Bureau. Updated: 12/4/2022 1:14:48 PM

JAMMU: A CME on ‘Foetal Echo Cardiography' was organized by the Department of Paediatrics, ASCOMS & Hospital Sidhra, as a part of its ongoing Continuing Medical Education Programme.
Dr Radhika Uppal Sharma, Surgeon Paediatric Cardiologist and Assistant Professor Department of Paediatrics, ASCOMS was the speaker on the occasion. She spoke in length about deformities of the Cardiac System in the foetus which manifest after the baby is born. While giving details of various diseases, she informed the gathering that most of the paediatric diseases are treatable if the intervention is done at the proper time.
While giving details of the statistics, Dr Sharma pointed out that 72% of the patients received proper intervention in the southern part of the country, while as 18% patients receive the treatment in the northern part of the country, which is attributed to the fact that the development of Paediatric Cardiology Specialty is not there in the northern part of the country as compared to the down south.
Dr Ravinder Kumar Gupta, Prof & HoD Paediatrics described the paediatric diseases related to heart of moderate extent but he said that due to shortage of Super Specialty, it is not being properly addressed. Chief guest on the occasion, Dr Pavan Malhotra, Director Principal, ASCOMS & Hospital, described the Specialty of Paediatric Cardiology as the need of the hour.
He stated that the number quoted by Dr Radhika was eye opener and required immediate attention of the medical fraternity to provide relief to the children suffering from cardiology diseases.
Welcoming Dr Radhika in the Institute, he reminded her of a serious and studious approach during her graduation days which has now shown results by her becoming a Paediatric Cardiologist.
On this occasion, for the first time in the history of J&K, the new Postgraduate students were introduced to the faculty who gave self introduction in front of their peers.

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