Narmada becomes raging torrent in rain-battered MP

TNN Bureau. Updated: 8/18/2019 12:57:08 PM National

Bhopal: The Narmada, Chambal, Parvati and Betwa rivers are in spate within Madhya Pradesh owing to draining of excess water from numerous reservoirs that have reached full-tank levels even as intense precipitation was forecast.

The Chambal is overflowing in Bhind and Morena districts subsequent to opening of sluice gates at the Kota Barrage. An alert was sounded in approximately 100 villages on the banks.

Downpours lashed Morena even as the Chambal is 2.5 m above the danger mark of 138 m at Rajghat Bridge and about half-a-dozen hamlets are marooned.

“Five hundred people were evacuated,” Collector Priyanka Das averred.

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