ASI monuments in Leh favourite of 62% tourists, Jammu’s 2 destinations account for 15% footfall

AVINAV VERMA. Updated: 7/20/2019 11:49:38 AM Front Page

JAMMU: Two of every three tourists who visit 69 centrally protected monuments in Jammu and Kashmir prefer Ladakh over Kashmir Valley and Jammu region, even as Ladakh makes up for more than 81% of the total revenue generated from these sites via the entry tickets.

While there may not be sufficient number of such monuments protected by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to grant Jammu region a separate circle, two of the prominent sub-circles— ancient palaces attributed to Raja Suchet Singh in Ramnagar and group of Kiramchi temples in Udhampur district—account for more than 15% tourist footfall and a little over 8% of the total revenue generated.

In last three years, as many as 2,83,194 tourists visited 69 monuments in Jammu and Kashmir—divided into two circles—Srinagar (56) and Leh (13) helping the revenue generation of Rs 92,60,830.

What remained the first choice for almost 63% of these tourists was the Ladakh mini-circle thanks to the ancient palace ‘Leh Palace’

A total of 1.78 lakh tourists visited the palace which was built by King Sengge Namgyal in the 16th century. The palace has nine-storey- building, where the upper floors used to accommodate the royal family, while the lower floors held stables and store rooms.

The palace is look after by centre government under the jurisdiction of ASI.

Despite having only 23% such monuments than the Srinagar, the Leh circle accounted for Rs 75.18 Lakh of the total revenue of Rs 92.60 lakh—a whopping 81.19%.

The circle witnessed highest tourist footfall in year 2018-19 when 80327 tourists visited and helped centre government to generate the revenue of Rs 31.05 lakh. In year 2017-18, 53,539 tourists arrived there and revenue of Rs 21.97 lakh was generated whereas 44377 tourists visited there in 2016-17, still helping revenue generation worth Rs 22.16 lakh.

The Srinagar circle has 56 such monuments and also includes monuments from other districts such as Raja Suchet Singh’s ancient palaces in Ramnagar and group of Kiramchi temples in Udhampur district.
While 20258 people visited the former, 22749 footfall was registered at the latter, helping the two sites to earn Rs 7,47,550 as revenue in three years.

These monuments are centrally protected under the jurisdiction of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).
In year 2018-19, the total 1.8 lakh tourists have visited on these 69 monuments. In the same year, the centre government has generated revenue of RS 36.93 lakh.

As many as 80587 tourists visited these monuments in year 2017-18, generating revenue of Rs 25.57 lakh whereas in 2016-17, as many as 79,462 tourists were mesmerized by the these sites helping the centre government to generate revenue of Rs 27.54 lakh.

Meanwhile, the centre government has spent Rs 6.53 crores for conservation, preservation and environmental development of these monuments in past three years.

In year 2016-17, the government has spent RS 1.39 crore, in year 2017-18, the total amount of Rs 2.69 crore was spent these monuments while in year 2018-19, the government has spent Rs 2.44 crore.

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