Retired KAS officer transferring teachers, Deptt to approach CB

Sumit Sharma. Updated: 6/20/2019 11:25:53 AM Front Page

JAMMU: Two days after detection of the fraud by a conman in the name of Chief Secretary’s Personal Section, another discrepancy in School education department has been unearthed wherein transfer orders issued by a retired bureaucrat in Civil Secretariat were implemented by the Chief Education Officers of the state.

Official sources informed that at least two fake transfer orders were issued under the seal and signature of MN Mir, a KAS officer, namely who retired as Special Secretary, School Education Department on May 31 this year, even as a number of such orders were implemented earlier.

The fraud orders, were however, detected by the Director Education, Jammu Anuradha Gupta, who took cognizance accordingly.

“I have issued notice and directions to the Chief Education officers of Jammu division, asking them not to implement in their respective districts any orders which they do not receive in official manner.

“If any such order is found, then information be shared immediately with me, I have told them. To unearth the fraud, I am going to lodge a complaint with the Crime Branch, Jammu,” said Director Education Jammu Anuradha Gupta when contacted by The News Now.

The order issued by Gupta today said: “This office has come across number of fake transfer orders apparently been endorsed under the seal and signatures of M.N. Mir (KAS) Special Secretary to Govt. School Education Department, with dates 07-06-2019 8, 04-06-2019.

“But the fact of the matter is that the officer under whose seal and signatures, the said orders have been endorsed has attained superannuation on 31-05-2019. Further, it is impressed upon all the Chief Education Officers of Jammu Division to advise all DDO's of their respective districts to remain vigilant, extra careful and ensure that no such order which has not been officially received be implemented in their respective districts and if any such order is found, then information be shared immediately with this Directorate”.

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