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Author Interview : Akshay Sharma

Akshay Sharma is an electronics engineer, who ventured into the writing career mainly because of his interest in storytelling. He has scripted and directed few short films, and composed music. He is a motivational speaker and loves addressing the young generation about dreams and passion in life. He has won “Inspire to change award” for his role in inspiring younger generations. He has recently come up with the book “The Flying Dreams”. In a candid chat with Chirdeep Malhotra, he talks about his latest book, his writing journey, his favourite books and authors, and much more. Read on!

Please tell us more about Akshay Sharma as a person.

Akshay Sharma likes travelling and learning various languages. He is a fun loving and an optimistic person, who believes that if we follow our dreams we can achieve even the impossible things in life.

Has writing always been a part of your life? Or did you chance upon it later on and then instantly fell in love with it?

It was during 2012 when I first wrote a script for my short film, and also directed and composed for it. However when I boarded the ship, and in the journey, the interest in writing stories really fascinated me, even though I had made three short films by then,. I discovered myself as a writer and a storyteller. Back in 2014, I wrote a non-fiction book and it just came as an immediate upsurge to me. Since then I have fallen in love with writing and creating characters. Even after attempting five different books, my debut was in 2018 with “The Flying Dreams”.

Can you tell us more about your book “The Flying Dreams”?

Wishes are possibilities. The ones who dare are the ones who fulfil their dreams...My story unfolds the beautiful journey of Aarav, his flow of life events that have been mirrored in tapestries of his dreams. The character aspires to become a Magician right from the age of six, literally gets dejected from his real life, because of the restrictions set by his father! He creates his own world of fantasies in his dreams, and spends most of the time there. He meets his love of life, Zara, who supports him immensely, but there’s someone else who makes him realise what reality and a dream is. He confuses his conscious mind with his sub-consciousness. However, the quest had no end, but it was all Aarav’s world.
The more he got restricted in his real life, the more he lived in his world of dreams, his FLYING DREAMS!

How has the response of readers been to your book?

The response from the readers has been exceptional. Since the book takes them to extreme imaginations and literally conceptualizes dreams and reality. It has imbibed to a larger number of readers and even non-readers. However, I feel so humbled for many positive feedbacks, and people’s connection.

This book is a psychological thriller. What more genres do you want to delve into, and to include them in your oeuvre?

I love writing thrillers & suspense, and I hope to delve deeper into it. However, even though this book is a psychological thriller, it also has a bundle of fantasy elements; and being optimistic, I will include furthermore in the next series. I even have a dream of writing a Non-fiction book after a few years.

In terms of the complexity of the character and the nuances of the dialogues, the character development of whom was the most difficult in this book?

The most difficult character to write about was Aarav himself. This was because I had to write and describe his consciousness and sub consciousness; in reality as well as in the dreams, that was only for making the readers hooked up with the science fiction. And in many situations, both wouldn’t co-relate accordingly. Therefore, I had to sketch and literally draw a flowchart imagining the whole scenario, and finally penning it down.

What do you think about the literary scenario in contemporary Indian English fiction?

Literature is blossoming with many individuals taking to writing in India, today. People are sharing their stories with the world, and destressing themselves. Whereas, reading has taken to an enormous pace in the literary world, and is being spread by recommending from one to another. Yes, Indian English Fiction is doing very great and the scenario is way beyond our imaginations.

You also have many accolades for this book and for motivational speaking. Can you tell us about these awards?

The first one was from The Indian Awaz, in the category of “100 Inspiring Authors of India” which was held at Kolkata. My next one was from The Indian Icon Awards in the category of “Emerging Author of India-2018” which was held at Bangalore Taj, and was honoured by Bollywood actress Tanaz Irani. This was followed up by “Inspire to change award” by the NGO “You-and-Us” at Coimbatore. My fourth one was by the literature club of G.C.T College, Coimbatore, and was honoured by the prestigious award “Sangamam” for contributing in the literature field. According to me, awards are for self-motivation, which makes the writer feel energised for more write-ups. However, I feel blessed to get so many readers and well-wishers, after I started my journey as an author.

What are your favourite books? Can you share with our esteemed readers about the genres that you like and your favourite authors?

My favourite books are “The Innocent” by David Baldacci, “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma, “You can win” by Shiv Khera, “I too had a love story” by Ravinder Singh, “The Scion of Ikshvaku” by Amish Tripathi, and there are many others too. They are my favourite authors, and I like reading books from every genre.

What are your other interests apart from writing?

I like playing various Musical instruments, such as Keyboard, guitar, harmonica and Midi instruments, I even like to compose music. Apart from that, my favourite activities are playing squash, swimming, and travelling to lesser-known tourist spots. Trekking, Bike riding, and adventure sports activities are my personal favourites.

Many new writers and poets are aspiring to get their work published. What would you say to them?

To every aspiring writer, I would say, initially, look out for a structural research in the storyline and then start with the crisp writing; this helps the publishers to understand the manuscript a lot better. Also, opt for a good editing, as well as proofreading. But never forget to write what you feel. That would turn a writer into a successful author.

Can you share with our readers a motivational quote that keeps you going?

This is the quote, which I wrote in my book, and I keep following it every day- “Fly with your dreams, but don’t fly in your dreams”.
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