Love of Students My Most Cherished Earning: B.C. Sharma

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Very popularly known as B.C. Sir among the students of Jammu and Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Bhuvnesh Chandra Sharma has worked hard for his students and this is the reason he is loved a lot. Presently, he is posted as Director at University Of Jammu, Management Department, The Business School. He is very Tech-Savoy and likes to keep in touch with almost all his students through Facebook and other social networking sites but a very few people know that he was in class 6th when came to know about English language.

In this exclusive interview with TNN, he talks about his journey, his students and lot more. Here are the excerpts:

TNN: Sir, you are loved by almost all the students across the state. What is the secret?

Sharma: Every relationship is a two way thing. To maintain a good relationship with anyone you need to travel an extra mile and I do the same. I try to help my students in all the possible ways. Not only in their initial placement but if somebody is working outside Jammu and wants to come back, I try to help them at that point also and maybe that's why they love me some much.
TNN: How do you maintain contacts with all of them?

Sharma: I would like to thank Mark Zuckerberg for this. Facebook has really helped me a lot in maintaining contacts with all my students. Also, whenever, I am travelling to some place where any of my students live, I take out time to meet him/her.

TNN: Why and when did you decide to enter the field of education?

Sharma: The destiny brought me here. I have just come home after MBA, my result was not even out and I was called by JU for the job as a lecturer of Statistics here and that’s how it started.

TNN: What kind of hardships you had to face during your journey from a lecturer to the Director, TBS?

Sharma: It was not a very beautiful journey at all. I was alleged for many things but I never compromised with my work ethics. It also affected my personal life but the love of my students kept me going. This is the only thing I have earned all these years.

TNN: Taking lectures in the class or working in Administration, you have done both. Can you tell what is better?

Sharma: For a teacher, there can be nothing better that teaching students in the class. It is the best feeling ever.

TNN: Describe your most beautiful memory?

Sharma: Few years back, I was travelling to Jaipur with some of my colleagues. On our way back, one of us fell ill. It was 2 at night and our train was late. The person has to eat something and to my surprise, one of my students came at Alwar Railway Station with Khichadi packed in tiffin at that time of night. It will never forget this moment my life time.

Again, I was going to Leh and my car ran out of petrol on the way during the night time. I called one of my students. He came for my rescue in less than fifteen mintues. I love my students, they love me back and that's the joy of life.

TNN: Who was your favorite teacher?

Sharma: Pandit Jiya Lal Shastri. He was my school teacher in Sujanpur.

TNN: Did you consider any other jobs than teacher? What were they?

Sharma: I never get the opportunity to have that thought even once. I completed my MBA from Vishakhapatnam and poached in by Jammu University for the post of lecturer even before my result declared.

TNN: What do you like doing in your free time?

Sharma: I like listening to news and keeping in touch with my people on Facebook.

TNN: You are more active on Facebook than 20 years old boy. How is it helping you?

Sharma: Facebook and other social media network are helping in a big way. I use it for my students. I post all the updates and notifications regarding placements. Plus, it's a best way to keep in touch with everyone.

TNN: Your message to our viewers?

Sharma: In my lifetime, I have learnt that publicity of your work has become more important than good work. But that is a flaw. You need to keep up the good work and may be late but you will be rewarded for sure. All the best.

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