ITI asset management co launches first equity share

TNN Bureau. Updated: 4/24/2019 7:03:40 PM Business and Economy

Mumbai, Apr 24 (UNI) ITI Mutual Fund has launched its first equity product - ITI Multi Cap Fund, a statement here said on Wednesday.
The scheme is an open ended diversified equity scheme positioned as a one stop equity investment solution.
"The fund house believes that its unique equity investment philosophy “SQL” helps to buy excellent quality growing companies stocks with reasonable margin of safety and hold it for long term. This will help investors to experience good compounding effect and long term wealth creation," said George Heber Joseph, CEO & CIO and also co-fund manager of the scheme in a statement.
ITI Multi Cap Fund will focus on providing investors a superior risk adjusted investment performance for long-term wealth creation. ITI MF seeks to deliver the above proposition by focusing on SQL, its unique internal philosophy. SQL philosophy is based on three main pillars; S – Margin of Safety, Q – Quality of the Business and L – Low Leverage.
Margin of Safety is the fair value of business minus the current share price. Buying stocks with good safety margin is critical for a good investment experience and long term wealth creation.
Quality of Business is of great significance. Quality companies with strong competitive advantages have been long term wealth creators.
"ITI Multi Cap Fund would invest in stocks that it understands and have comfort on Industry structure, business, management, growth ambitions and balance sheet," he added.
Leverage is also an important criterion to be factored in investing decisions. High leverage significantly reduces a business’s ability to withstand business downturn. Low leverage companies are generally cash rich. Therefore, these companies are able to invest and grow their business and create wealth.
"SQL investment philosophy is unique in India but a globally proven investment philosophy which is designed towards creating long term wealth for investors," the statement further added.
"ITI MF believes that this investment philosophy would stand the test of time and follows from the overriding belief that "If we avoid the losers, the winners will take care of themselves."

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