Modi asks people to choose strong govt

TNN Bureau. Updated: 4/18/2019 4:21:43 PM National

Bagalkot(Karna),Apr 18: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Thursday made a pitch for a strong government at the Centre and mocked the "helpless" dispensation of Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy, who is heading the Congress-JDS coalition.

"....if you want to see a strong government, look at Delhi; if you want to see a helpless government, see Karnataka," Modi told a rally here in north Karnataka.

Modi said the Congress wanted a "helpless" government and told the voters to look at the "helpless" Kumaraswamy.

He also mocked the frequent emotional outbursts of Kumaraswamy, saying it was "natak" (drama).

Modi said the Congress was not ready to accept surgical strikes and the Balakot air strike on terror camps in Pakistan as our victory.

The Congress and its allies think about self and not national interest, he said.

"....Opponents Googled to find out where Balakot was and went to prove that it was within India. They could not believe that India could attack going inside Pakistan territory...," Modi said.

Stating that the Congress-led government went crying around post the Mumbai terror attacks, he said the situation had changed now.", wherever Pakistan goes you hear its cries that Modi is hitting them."

Modi said whenever there was a threat to its existence, Congress tried to divide society.

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