Road clearance going on in Rajouri, Poonch

TNN Bureau. Updated: 1/14/2019 1:42:41 PM Regional News

Jammu, Jan 14: The snow clearance from the roads on Sunday, following Saturday's snowfall, was going at large scale across Rajouri and Poonch even as the authorities managed to restore the traffic on important roads.

As per details, a number of roads including Thanamandi DKG Surankote road, Budhal Mahore Gool road, Poonch Mandi to Saujiyan road, Poonch Mandi to Loran road, BG Hamipue road had got closed for the traffic following the snowfall.

There was accumulation of over one feet deep snow on most of these roads after which snow clearance operations were launched by concerned authorities.

Most of the snow bound roads in the twin districts fall under the jurisdiction of GREF and snow clearance operations were started on Saturday afternoon, said an official.

"Important roads including Thanamandi- Bafliaz road, Rajouri Kandi Be road, Budhal Mahore Gul road and several roads connecting forward areas in border districts of Rajouri and Poonch were affected by the snowfall on Saturday and Sunday morning," said an official of GREF.

He said that majority of these road axis were cleared within 12 hours except a few roads where concerted efforts are required to be made to clear them for traffic.

Meanwhile, sources said that road leading to Surankote from Thanamandi via DKG, and Poonch Mandi to Saujiyan road are close due to snowfall.

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