Siyasat :Face to face with Dr Nirmal Singh, Senior BJP leader and Speaker, State Legislative Assembly

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BJP govt had undertaken some major initiatives, which never have initiated before, claims Dr Singh

In the fourth episode of Siyasat, Deepak Khajuria speaks to Senior BJP leader and Speaker, State Legislative Assembly Dr Nirmal Singh who candidly spoke about the present political scenario besides the reason behind the dissolution of BJP-PDP government in state. During the marathon interaction Dr Singh also claimed that BJP govt had done some major works in the state during its tenure, which has never done before.
Some of the excerpts of the full interview appeared on The NewsNow web portal are as under:

Q1: As we are heading to the electioneering, how do you see the BJP’s stake in the State?
Nirmal: The formation of our government was the amalgamation of two different ideologies and the other parties argue about the difference of our thoughts. In post withdrawal of support from the government, our party in Urban and Panchayat elections people have exuded their confidence in BJP which only indicates the work done by BJP were valued by the masses. With this indicator in the upcoming elections, whether it is Lok Sabha or assembly we will win. I am not sure that what will happen in the future in state politics, but BJP will be the ‘king maker’.

Q2: In your opinion what was the reason for the failure of previous coalition government?
Nirmal: The alliance was neither political nor ideological, it was a ‘governance alliance’. But we rule for more than 3 years in the state despite the contradiction in our ideologies and the situations raised by the other parties and separatist groups. When some of the members of our ally leveled some baseless allegations against our party and this forced us to withdraw our support from the government. But I can say that our party had done great work in our state in a period of 3.5 years that was not done in the last 70 years.

Q3: Did you enter into contradiction with Mehbooba Mufti over some issues?
Nirmal: Yes, even in Cabinet we held discussions over some of the issues. We also wanted to run the government in the state. But when the KPS issue was raised we totally oppose their decisions. It was the first time that this kind of situation was raised.

Q4: There were allegation against BJP thatb it has sidelined its core agendas like one flag-one nation and Article 370 after formation of alliance. How do you accept the alliance and putting of agendas aside?
Nirmal: You are right. It was the first time that BJP party gained a huge majority in Jammu region and PDP party had a majority in the Kashmir region. After that, both our parties thought that it could be a new experiment for us. Both the parties faced crisis at their own but we managed to rule for over 3 years. The agendas related to one flag one nations and Article 370 are still ideological agendas for party and if our party comes with the majority this time, we will definitely work on them.

Q5: On Nov 21 PDP, NC and Congress were to form the government –under ‘grand alliance’ but after that Assembly was dissolved. Do you think in future if such an alliance is formed then the situation will be difficult for BJP?
Nirmal: I do not think that these parties can enter into some kind of alliance. Actually these parties get exposed as they were the people who talked bad things about each other but in order to come back to power. However Governor of State had realized this thing that these parties cannot give a stable government in our state.

Q6: In the upcoming elections who do you think will give tough competition to BJP?
Nirmal: I cannot say that we have competition only with one party but I think in Jammu region it will be with Congress and in Kashmir region with NC.

Q7: According to you, what is the stand of NC in the upcoming elections?
Nirmal: In Kashmir, people are not ready to accept both the parties NC and PDP. People are seeing People conference as their third alternative party.

Q8: In 90’s it was assumed Vajpayee made PDP to counter NC. Do you see People Conference as an alternate of PDP today?
Nirmal: It is not right that BJP formed PDP party. In 2002, PDP came with a huge majority and NC was lagged behind. At that time, it was said that government in the state was imposed by the Centre but Atal Ji said that mandate given by the people should be given importance. That decision was appreciated till date. And In those circumstances, PDP comes up to state polity.

Q9: Do you think that in our regime also Jammu was discriminated?
Nirmal: Discrimination with Jammu region was prevailing from the last 70 years and that cannot be solved in the period of 4 years. As ready said that Finance, Planning was not under our command and we face difficulties in approving some big projects for the Jammu region. Besides this, we have done some major works in Jammu region. I cancelled the number of tenders worth crores as they were allotted to the defaulter companies. Development cannot be done alone this is teamwork and if both parties corporate with each other that way we could achieve some major goals.

Q10: Who will lead the BJP in upcoming elections?
Nirmal: These decisions are done on party level, not on a personal level. This thing will be decided by the party high command.

Q11: If raising the issues like Ram Temple, one flag-one nation, article 370 will help BJP to win the 2019 election?
Nirmal: It will be decided on party level as these are our core issues and they can be solved only when our party comes with a complete majority. The political strategy will be made on party level only.

Q12: Senior leaders of BJP have always given the agenda of Hindutva. In Jammu region, people have an expectation when we talk about those things. Do you think it will help BJP in elections?
Nirmal: The issues for BJP in J&K are as same as at national level but these issues are not for political benefits.

Q13: Will the slogan of 44+ given by BJP in 2014 be used again? Do you think that the Modi wave will still have its effect in the upcoming elections?
Nirmal: During our tenure, people have seen our party doing work in State as well as in Centre. We will fight elections on the basis of our work and I think people will appreciate our work in future.

Q14: Will BJP introduce maximum new faces in 2019 elections?
Nirmal: Leadership is decided by the party after evaluating credibility and chances of winning elections.

Q15: How do you see work done in Governor Regime?
Nirmal: One thing which is good about Governor Administration as that there is single administration and the decisions do not remain pending due to political hinders. In their regime, security forces are given free hand to handle terrorists and Urban and Panchayat elections held peacefully. Today we see that SAC meeting is holding on a regular basis.

Q16. Will Jammu have a Hindu Chief Minister if BJP wins 2019 elections?
Nirmal: Chief Minister does not have any religion. But if BJP wins the elections, the party head will be elected as Chief Minister.

Q17: What will be the agendas of BJP in 2019 elections?
Nirmal: To end discrimination with Jammu region, development of people at the grass root level, and to give individual rights to Jammu and Ladakh and some deprived sections of the Kashmir region. I assured that we will provide a stable government to the people with the support of Narendra Modi.

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