Statue of Goddess Sita should also come up along with Lord Ram in Ayodhya: Karan Singh

TNN Bureau. Updated: 12/13/2018 5:25:51 PM Press Release

Lucknow, Dec 13 : Senior Congress leader and Rajya Sabha member Karan Singh has urged the Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh to set up a statue of Goddess Sita also, along with Lord Ram, in Ayodhya.

In a letter to the Chief Minister, a copy of which was released to the media on Thursday, Dr Singh said he had visited Simariya in Mithlanchal last week, which is the birth place of Goddess Sita.

"Goddess Sita got married in Mithlanchal and thereafter, went to Ayodhya. But, she had a short stay there and went for exile for 14 years with her husband Lord Ram and brother-in-law Laxman. After her return from exile, she stayed here for a short term and again went for exile, after getting pregnant," the Congress leader noted.

He said looking into these facts, it would be better that a statue of Goddess Sita should come up besides Lord Ram in Ayodhya.

"Though the statue of Goddess Sita could be half the height of Lord Ram, so that some honour could be given to her," he added.

UP government had recently announced to construct an over 151-meter high statue of Lord Ram, to be set up on the banks of Saryu river in Ayodhya.

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