Traffic jams back in Jammu

TNN Bureau. Updated: 11/7/2018 2:40:25 PM Front Page


JAMMU: The Winter Capital city is once again marred by huge traffic jams as those who were out in the markets today and others returning their homes, remained stuck on the roads for hours together with vehicles moving on snail’s pace throughout the day.
If the festival of Diwali is stated to be the major reason behind this ugly scene with people shopping for celebrations all around, the opening of Durbar Move offices in Jammu as the bi-annual tradition is another basic factor, which usually adds more than 50,000 vehicles to the normal vehicular traffic in Jammu after every six months.
Those were on the roads today, especially in the evening hours, can’t forget the nightmarish experience, as almost every small or big road connecting different parts of the city became out of bound, which kept the people waiting for hours to reach their respective destinations.
However, unfortunately this is going to be the fate of Jammuites for next six months till the Durbar moves to Srinagar, the Summer Capital of the State.
A senior Traffic Police officer, talking over the issue, told The News Now that it was primarily due to Diwali festival that there is heavy rush in almost each and every market of the city and even its outskirts, which has also led to big traffic jams.
“Soon after Diwali celebrations are over, there shall be some relief for the road users,” he hoped and added further, “But usual traffic related issues would continue to persist, which emerge with the opening of Durbar Move offices in Jammu every time.”
“It would not be that easy to deal with the situation like in the past as there is no considerable change in the management of traffic in Jammu city in particular, which has the same narrow roads but increase in number of vehicles along with more footfall of visitors every day,” the Traffic Police officer further said substantiating the reasons thereof.
Moreover, there is one more reason behind traffic jams in Jammu and that is weddings, which are generally solemnized as per the astrology in Hindu families as rising of “Shukra” (Venus) and “Budha” (Mercury) stars (planets) are considered as auspicious for this particular purpose.
According to a renowned astrologer of the city, the auspicious time is on at present with Mercury rising that came into effect from 01 November, 2018 and would last only for 10 days i.e., till 10 November, 2018.
While talking to The News Now, he said, “Not only weddings but other events of similar nature like ring and Mundan ceremonies, matching of horoscopes, construction and purchase of new homes or shops and even purchase of vehicles, which are considered as propitious in the Hindu religion, can be solemnized during this period but soon after the decline (Asta) of the planet, all such affairs come to a standstill.”

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