Why can't India occupy Pakistan-occupied Kashmir?

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India has internationally made POK a sole part of it since 1947. According to Pakistan, a part of the land, often called POK is under its administration and is represented that way on their map. Even after winning 3 wars against Pakistan, why has India not taken back Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK)?

India always wants to maintain peace and it has not fought wars with the motive of conquest. It has fought back only to defend itself and is seeking all the possible and effective means to chase Pakistan out. So, it is a part of India, in all the official documents and it doesn't mean anything to it to take POK back. And India does not take control of POK for a very common reason which is “it's not worth the effort.”

Please try to understand the basics of POK:

1. Terrain: it's mostly very high mountain region which is very tough to capture and to control.

2. Approach: Kashmir as a whole has very limited approach from India but has better approaches from Pakistan. That's why we could not take it's total control during first war and thus POK was formed.

3. Demographics: POK has major anti India and Pro Pakistan sentiments. So even if we capture it, we can't retain it. And till we retain it people of that area will be a major security risk for India.

In case India tries to occupy POK:

A. Pakistan Defense: It will heavily resist the move. And due to above 3 reasons in it's favor, Pakistan has big advantage over India in POK.

B. International pressure: It's a disputed territory anyone who breaks the status quo will be blamed. And India is creating an image of responsible power, it can't afford to waste it. Also India is not as powerful as USA, Russia or China to do what it feels and not listen to world forum.

Even after all these points if India tries to capture POK, the question arises is, for what?? Apart from ego boosting, POK has not much to offer. And due to terrain and demographics, retaining it will only cause us effort and resources.

With the same effort and resources, we can prosper much more.

It is better to have a prosperous country rather than just having a bigger country.

(The article has been copied from Quora)

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